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WebFlake 4.3.1

Released 01/26/2019

Key Changes

  • Added new anti-spam service. Users with five or more posts are not subject to the spam filter.
  • Inactive Members now only need to post ONCE to restore previous access (down from two).
  • Registering and/or logging in using Twitter is working again.
  • File size limit for Blizzard has been doubled for both profile photo and cover photo. Profile photo dimension has been doubled as well. Snow received a modest bump with their file size limits too.
  • Members can now submit their account for verification.
    • Verified members are users that Staff has deemed trustworthy and confirmed they have an active license with which to purchase content on your behalf.
    • We reserve the right to repeal or deny verification at any time.
    • Verified members will have a green checkmark next to their name on their profile or topics they are active in.
    • Our verification system may be expanded in the future for other purposes.
    • To submit your account for verification:
      • Visit webflake.sx/settings/verification (located in your account settings).
      • There, you will be required to upload a screenshot of your client area with Notepad open and displaying the provided code. You are free to blur or mask any personally identifiable information, such as your name or username located on these sites. We just need to see an active client area with the code provided.
      • Once your image has been uploaded, we will review and approve or deny your application.
  • DISCORD: Mee6 will no longer mention-spam you when leveling. Instead, it just logs your new level in #bot-commands.
  • DISCORD: !levels and !rank command cooldowns have been shortened to five minutes (user-based).
  • DISCORD: !rank now shows our custom server banner.

Additional Information

Few upcoming features:

  • auto-delete topics made by new members (under 30 days) that contain links.
    • Spam prevention.
  • alert reporting user when a report is handled.
  • member verification for licensing.

If you upgrade now to +Blizzard for $30 USD, you'll receive a free copy of our Trackers Bundle, WF Boo Ranks, and Oblivion Light. That's $70+ in savings!

Known issues:

  • When deleting/hiding content, you'll see two confirmation boxes (this is a bug with the IPS software).
  • Expanded search overlaps secondary navbar (z-index issue).

There may be additional bugs with the theme or apps/plugins. Please report any bugs you encounter on our Bug Tracker.

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