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WebFlake 4.3.0

Released 01/11/2018

Key Changes

  • Users will now receive a notification, and an email, when a response has been made to their support ticket.
  • DISCORD: Ban and role syncing with Discord are now functional.
    • Syncing now runs on a cron job and may not be immediate, with a maximum delay of 30 minutes.
  • DISCORD: Removed the Tatsumaki, DynoBot, and Translator bots.
    • Translator bot may be re-added at a later date.
  • DISCORD: Added Mee6.
    • Auto-mod is enabled.
      • Profanity, various types of spam, and server invites will be flagged, deleted, and a warning issued.
      • Incurring two infractions (warnings) within 24 hours will result in an automatic mute for 24 hours.
      • Incurring three infractions within a week will result in a temporary three-day ban.
      • Incurring five infractions within three months will result in a permanent ban.
      • Current format is subject to change at WebFlake's discretion.
    • Use !help for a full list of commands available to your role.
  • DISCORD: Donator role has been removed and replaced with the individual Blizzard, Snow, and Frost roles.
  • DISCORD: Added new #feedback-ideas channel that includes a link to a Google form survey.
  • DISCORD: Added a new #share-content channel for self-promotion. Available only as a perk for Staff and Blizzard roles.
    • In this channel, you may advertise...
      • your personal site, such as a blog or gaming community
      • your social media profiles, such as Twitter or Instagram
      • your coupon referrals, such as earning a bonus for someone buying a domain with your coupon code
    • You may not advertise...
      • third-party hosting, such as resale hosting or unverified, offshore hosts
      • any NSFW content, such as pornography or "hacking" materials
      • sites like WebFlake, especially those focused on IPS
  • DISCORD: Added a new bot: DiscordTip.
    • DiscordTip will allow you to tip other users on our server for any reason you desire.
    • Currently, we only allow the use of BitCoin (BTC).
    • Use $help for a list of commands and additional info.

Additional Information

Few upcoming features:

  • auto-delete topics made by new members (under 30 days) that contain links.
    • Spam prevention.
  • alert reporting user when a report is handled.
  • member verification for licensing.

If you upgrade now to +Blizzard for $30 USD, you'll receive a free copy of our Trackers Bundle, WF Boo Ranks, and Oblivion Light. That's $70+ in savings!

Known issues:

  • When deleting/hiding content, you'll see two confirmation boxes (this is a bug with the IPS software).
  • Expanded search overlaps secondary navbar (z-index issue).

There may be additional bugs with the theme or apps/plugins. Please report any bugs you encounter on our Bug Tracker.

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