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WebFlake 4.2.2

Released 12/24/2018

Key Changes



Merry Christmas, WebFlake! Please be safe in your travels and enjoy this wonderful time of year with family, friends, food, and gifts!

Pushing a quick update before some downtime over the next couple of days.

  • Added Twitter profile field
  • Activated Store page for all users.
  • Updated error code when viewing our Support tab without access.
  • Retired Staff page is now visible to all users.
  • Another pass at re-engagement emails. These emails will dispatch a reminder every two months that you are inactive.
  • File authors will not receive an automated message alerting them when their file is removed.
  • Few minor CSS updates to coloring and those pesky icons for our generated messages for saved actions.


Additional Information

Few upcoming features:

  • auto-delete topics made by new members (under 30 days) that contain links.
    • Spam prevention.
  • alert reporting user when a report is handled.
  • member verification for licensing.

If you upgrade now to +Blizzard for $30 USD, you'll receive a free copy of our Trackers Bundle, WF Boo Ranks, and Oblivion Light. That's $70+ in savings!

Known issues:

  • Discord ban syncing is not working as intended.
  • Some other Discord Integration features are malfunctioning (role sync and file feed is working).
  • When deleting/hiding content, you'll see two confirmation boxes (this is a bug with the IPS software).
  • Expanded search overlaps secondary navbar (z-index issue).

There may be additional bugs with the theme or apps/plugins. Please report any bugs you encounter on our Bug Tracker.

Have you seen our Bug Tracker, Suggestions Tracker, Feature Plan, or Release Notes and wanted a copy for your own site? Instead of slogging through a tutorial, why not just purchase a copy of WebFlake's official trackers? Each tracker is priced at $10 USD each or you can purchase all four for just $25 USD. Find them here:

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