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WebFlake 4.0.8

Released 10/22/2018

Key Changes

  • DISCORD: Added a new #faq channel.
    • Please note that this FAQ is related to WebFlake's Discord server.
    • Purpose of the channel is to answer frequently asked questions from our Discord server (not support related).
    • We will continue to populate and adjust the content of the channel as necessary.
  • DISCORD: Added 25 new emojis to the Discord server.
  • DISCORD: Removed all voice channels as they're not being used (not that we expected them to be).
    • This also means we kicked our music bot since it'd be rather pointless to keep it around.
  • DISCORD: Expanded DadBot's permissions to include auto-warns, auto-bans, and a mod log.
  • Added two new Halloween themes: Halloween Lite and Halloween Dark.
    • Both are slightly modified versions of our standard Lite/Dark themes.
    • These were cobbled together quickly and aren't the fanciest but I wanted to get something out for members who have requested a spooky theme.
    • A few features include:
      • New logo with hover animation.
      • New back-to-top mini-Death.
      • New background with a few new gradients/patterns.
      • New social icons.
    • I'll work on customizing the theme further over the next few days.
  • Added a new automated rule for new users that will dispatch a welcome message with helpful links and information.

Additional Information

Known issues:

  • Discord ban syncing is not working as intended.
  • Some other Discord Integration features are malfunctioning (role sync and file feed is working).
  • When deleting/hiding content, you'll see two confirmation boxes (this is a bug with the IPS software).
  • Expanded search overlaps secondary navbar (z-index issue).

There may be additional bugs that we have yet to discover after upgrading. Please report any bugs you encounter on our Bug Tracker.

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