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WebFlake 4.0.3

Released 06/28/2018

Key Changes

  • Due to a glitch during our site upgrade, our Trophies & Medals installation stopped working properly. We've had to reset the trophies but they will continue to be awarded retroactively.
    • These awards are likely to be changed in the near future and are serving as a placeholder.
  • Notifications menu on mobile no longer overflows the element.

Additional Information

Known issues:

  • Discord ban syncing is not working as intended.
  • Some other Discord Integration features are malfunctioning (role sync and file feed is working).
  • When deleting/hiding content, you'll see two confirmation boxes (this is a bug with the IPS software).

There may be additional bugs that we have yet to discover after upgrading. Please report any bugs you encounter on our Bug Tracker.

Additional 4.3.x features will be configured over the next few days.

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