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WebFlake 4.0.0

Released 06/23/2018

Key Changes

  • Welcome to IPS Community Suite 4.3! WebFlake's system is now upgraded to the latest copy of IPS.
  • Fixed Other Files section on file view.
  • Made a number of template tweaks to address theme compatibility.
  • Removed the default IPS theme as an option. Set WebFlake Lite as the default theme for all members.
    • If you were previously using WebFlake Dark, you just need to switch back.
  • DISCORD: Upgraded and reconfigured Discord Integration to function properly with our site upgrade.
    • Profile photos cannot be synced (temporary).
    • Discord accounts cannot be dissociated (temporary).

Additional Information

There may be additional bugs that we have yet to discover after upgrading. Please report any bugs you encounter on our Bug Tracker.

Additional 4.3.x features will be configured over the next few days.

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