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WebFlake 3.6.1

Released 06/20/2018

Key Changes

  • Inactive Members will now see a large notice on the site index alerting them to their current account status with a reminder that they need to create five (5) non-spam posts to be automatically moved back to their original usergroup.
    • This is just a placeholder until we design something more aesthetically pleasing.
  • Updated our terms for the Delete My Account feature.
    • Per GDPR Article 6(1)(f), WebFlake is lawfully permitted to dismiss account deletion requests to protect the legitimate interests of our community by thwarting ban evasions and/or circumvention of our permissions system(s).
  • With a future update of the DMA application, we will begin requiring users to enter a reason for why they are requesting their account be deleted. In the meantime, users that do not offer a reason will have their request denied, no exceptions.

Additional Information

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