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WebFlake 3.6.0

Released 06/15/2018

Key Changes

  • Reduced initial volume of profile songs.
  • Added Elite Member and Legendary user groups.
    • Elite Member requires 150 posts.
      • WF-EliteMember.png
      • 30-second search flood (same as Adv Member and below)
      • Can use animated profile photos
      • Can create 10 conversations per day (up from 5 for Adv Member)
      • Can give 15 rep per day (up from 10 for Adv Member)
      • Download speed capped at 150 kbps
      • 45-second wait time for downloads (down from 60s for Adv Member)
      • 7 downloads per day (up from 6 for Adv Member)
    • Legendary requires 500 posts.
      • WF-Legendary.png
      • 20-second search flood (10s improvement from Elite and below)
      • Can use animated profile photos
      • Can create 15 conversations per day (up from 10 for Elite)
      • Can give 20 rep per day (up from 15 for Elite)
      • Download speed capped at 200 kbps (up from 150 for Elite)
      • 30-second wait time for downloads (down from 45s for Elite)
      • 10 downloads per day (up from 7 for Elite)
  • Adjusted permissions for various groups.
    • Newbies
      • Download speed halved to 25 kbps
      • Daily downloads cap reduced to 3 per day
    • Members
      • Download speed halved to 50 kbps
      • Download wait time increased to 75 seconds
    • Advanced Members
      • Download speed halved to 150 kbps
      • Download wait time increased to 60 seconds
  • Animated profile photos have been restricted to Elite Members and above.
  • File requests are now restricted to Advanced Members and above.
    • This means to submit a file request, you'll need at least 50 posts.
  • Elite and Legendary members are exempt from our Inactivity Policy.
    • This means you'll never be moved to the Inactive Members group.
  • New icons for Group Icons.
    • Administrator
      • WF-Admin.png
    • Moderator
      • WF-Moderator.png
    • Junior Moderator
      • WF-JrMod.png

Additional Information

Have you seen our Bug Tracker, Suggestions Tracker, Feature Plan, or Release Notes and wanted a copy for your own site? Instead of slogging through a tutorial, why not just purchase a copy of WebFlake's official trackers? Each tracker is priced at $10 USD each or you can purchase all four for just $25 USD. Find them here:

Obligatory Upsell: if you've been contemplating upgrading to +Blizzard, now is as good a time as any as we've recently integrated a Priority Support system that will allow +Blizzard tier donators to create a support ticket and receive a direct response from our Staff team within 24 hours.

Please remember that we have an ongoing special that gives you +Blizzard and a free copy of Oblivion Light for just $35 USD. Frost members have the option to upgrade at a discounted rate given their previous donation.

Contact @Davlin before making the donation if you are interested!

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