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WebFlake 3.5.2

Released 05/16/2018

Key Changes

  • DISCORD: Changed notifications to only @ mentions.
  • GitHub and CodePen profile fields now link directly to the profile on those sites.
  • Retired Staff have been assigned to a secondary group with a custom social badge in the postbit and their primary group restored.
    • New guidelines have been set to define what constitutes "retired staff". Brief stints do not fit this description.
    • This distinction will only ever apply to Moderators, Senior Mods, and Admins.
    • WebFlake also reserves the right to be selective. If we feel a user has represented us poorly, has been dismissed for abusing their role and/or mistreating their role in general, or if a member had only been with us for a limited time but made an extreme impact, we can decide to add or not add them to that group. Group changes can be made retroactively so even if you've been placed in the role, you can be removed at any time.
    • You can find our Retired Staff page, here: https://webflake.sx/retired-staff

Additional Information

Obligatory Upsell: if you've been contemplating upgrading to +Blizzard, now is as good a time as any. Please remember that we have an ongoing special that gives you +Blizzard and a free copy of Oblivion Light for just $35 USD. Frost members have the option to upgrade at a discounted rate given their previous donation.

Contact @Davlin before making the donation if you are interested!

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