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WebFlake 3.5.0

Released 05/09/2018

Key Changes

  • DISCORD: Added additional clarification to our #welcome channel that support/file requests are not permitted in #general.
  • Retired Staff has had a few permissions changes.
  • Added new icons for Our Picks and Support tabs.
  • Priority Support is now live!
    • What is priority support?
      • A new method to receive direct support from our Staff team through a ticket system (via the Support tab).
    • How do I get access to it?
      • Our support system is currently available to just +Blizzard tier donators.
    • Why use this instead of just posting in the support forum?
      • Our support forum is peer-to-peer support. Using our support system ensures you are getting a response from our team.
    • Am I guaranteed a resolution to my issue?
      • No. This would be impossible to ensure.
    • What kind of support issues will you handle?
      • We have a variety of departments and will handle most general issues. Any requests that involve more complicated issues may be kicked back to our general support forums or may experience increased wait times while a resolution is researched or discussed.
    • When can I expect a response after submitting a ticket?
      • Usually, you will receive a response within 72 hours (dependent upon holidays, exigent circumstances, or increased workload).
    • Who is providing support?
      • Currently, just Cookie Monster and myself.
    • Ticket Status Definitions:
      • Open
        • Ticket is currently open and awaiting a response from Staff.
      • Hold
        • Ticket has been reviewed and placed on hold. You'll need to review the ticket response for additional info.
      • Working
        • Ticket has been reviewed and Staff is working on a resolution.
      • Closed
        • Ticket has been reviewed and closed. Most likely because it violates our Support TOS.
      • Resolved
        • Ticket has been marked resolved by Staff or the user.
          • Please note that the Support system automatically marks tickets resolved when a response is provided by Staff. Do not panic! Responding to the ticket again will simply reopen the ticket if you still have an issue.
      • Spam
        • Tickets that are not submitted in English are marked as spam.
    • Other Details:
      • At the moment, we only offer support for IPS (all versions) and WebFlake Donation issues.
      • Tickets will frequently be assigned or reassigned between Staff members.
      • Severity levels cannot be set by the user, just Staff.
      • We do not guarantee a resolution. There may be issues we cannot resolve for you or requests that we cannot fulfill.
      • This is not a solution for requesting files or requesting significant amounts of work (such as designing a new theme).
      • Staff is given the discretion of offering support off-site if they deem it necessary (teamviewer, Discord, or otherwise).
      • You're welcome to post in our support forums while your ticket is open and you may also reference that support ticket.
        • Example 1: "I have an issue with X. I sent a support ticket but wanted to post here as well."
        • Example 2: "I have an issue with X. Staff responded to my support ticket but I do not understand. Can someone help me further?"
      • Do not post threads reminding us that you have an open support ticket or post reminders in Discord!
        • Example 1: "I have a support ticket open and am waiting for a response."
          • The above is not permitted!

Additional Information

Please remember that this new Priority Support system is just as new for us as it is for you. There may be glitches from time to time.

In the future, we will expand access for our Staff team, which will allow us to grant access to the Snow donator tier and open up support requests for additional software, such as XenForo and WordPress. This system will only ever be available to Snow (when available) and +Blizzard. Frost will not have access.

Obligatory Upsell: if you've been contemplating upgrading to +Blizzard, now is as good a time as any. Please remember that we have an ongoing special that gives you +Blizzard and a free copy of Oblivion Light for just $35 USD. Frost members have the option to upgrade at a discounted rate given their previous donation.

Contact @Davlin before making the donation if you are interested!

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