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WebFlake 3.4.3

Released 04/18/2018

Key Changes

  • POLICY UPDATE Marketplace posting restrictions have been lifted, however, we've applied new restrictions.
    • Advanced Members and above: no restrictions.
    • Members can respond to topics and create new topics with the Buying/Hiring prefixes.
      • Members cannot use the Selling/Trading prefixes.
    • Newbies cannot create new topics but they can respond to existing threads.
    • Inactive Members can only view the Marketplace.
    • Please note that intentionally misusing prefixes or any other attempts to circumvent restrictions will result in warnings and/or account closure.
  • Removed Back-2-Top button from mobile.
  • Removed extra Donator tag from postbit.
  • MyBB forums have been closed. MyBB file categories remain available.
    • See below for additional information.

Additional Information

During our Christmas giveaway, we polled the community to determine which software they'd most like to see. Overwhelmingly, respondents chose MyBB. However, over the course of the last two months there has been exactly three posts in the section. We've averaged close to 11k downloads per week over that span and MyBB has accounted for a whopping ~200 total downloads. As a result, we're doing away with the MyBB section altogether. If you'd like to seek support for MyBB, you're welcome to seek out other third-party communities (such as NulledBB) or the official MyBB forums. We will continue to maintain the MyBB file category for the foreseeable future although we will continue to monitor activity for that category and we may ultimately determine it's not worth maintaining.

As we draw closer to the 4.3 release of IPS, we will begin focusing our efforts on 4.2, 4.3, and beyond with a two-part phasing out of support for IPS 4.1 by closing the 4.1 forums and merging 4.1 content under Legacy Software. Our 4.1 forums will be closed shortly after we release our edition of 4.3 and the content will be moved a short time after that.

Lastly, our changes to the Marketplace are motivated by inclusion. We've enforced a 25-post requirement rule for the entirety of the Marketplace's existence on WebFlake in an effort to protect our members from fraud/abuse but we realize that this has ultimately had an undesired effect of heavily gating a worthwhile section behind a post count that cannot possibly fulfill our original intention. We've introduced a selection of new restrictions that users should find far more lenient. We will be heavily monitoring our Marketplace but please remember we are not liable for any transaction you enter into with another member on our site. We will take action against accounts found to be in violation of our guidelines but that is the extent of our reach.

Have a great week!

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