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  1. Welcome to Webflake, IbramMuzaffer! Hope you enjoy it here
  2. To be more specific, Members > Member Settings > go to ban settings, add filter then select "Non registrable Names" and then the name you want blacklisted.
  3. That game is still going?
  4. Anyone get any gaming related XMAS presents this year? I got the latest Metro and a new Keyboard. Also got a nice watch from the missus. Pictures welcome
  5. This is the Category you're looking for; https://webflake.sx/forum/167-invision-requests/
  6. Go to your guests' group permission, then the downloads tab. Make all these 0.
  7. Try adding this to your custom.css #elLicenseKey { display: none; }
  8. is that even a competition? lol TeamSpeak is far superior and much better for users
  9. Cinema for being movie releases - Netflix for TV Shows.
  10. Intel, I've never been fan of AMD, most games I've played have favoured Intel.
  11. Inb4 a discord/teamspeak Hibrid
  12. Watched the whole series, it's epic. I also love the dude who plays him, best fit for the role.
  13. IPBoard, great bit of software
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