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  1. Same here, time to develop new forums and without WF it's almost impossible Hope you guys will enjoy this time same as me
  2. Prefix is more like "type" of topic, like "Update" or "Changelog", to make the board sorted. That one about you're asking is tag, and it's already in vanilla about, the tags are shown below topic name as i remember.
  3. Hello, I want to ask about "Support" System notifications, for this moment, when someone will write Ticket, I'm only able to see that only via ACP - there's nice red circle with numbers of Tickets unresolved but this is too "manual" to log in every day to ACP and look for tickets. The worst thing is with replies if I'll reply to Ticket, the user is not informed that the reply came, we need to open a support system, and then we know about it. Is there any way to set notifications for administrators when the topic came and for the user when a reply came? Thanks much! #Edit Finally, i find it, i can't because the plugin name is such unique like "Custom Notifications 1.2.2" we'll see how it works and will write more about when plugin will go live. #Edit - 2 Nope, Custom Notifications can't automatize these things.
  4. Hello to you, and actually not true but there's to small place to write "non-spam posts" because as I see we can write here, as an introduction and into Off-topic area, so I prefer to say hello to someone and make my own welcome topic. I'm a designer so "Website and Graphics Design" is my category but as you know, I can't write my own topic here or even reply. Too bad that new users need to make choice between welcome and offtopic areas because these two categories are in my opinion most non-sense area. The real user will write own portfolio then choose to say "Hello" in the Introduction area. Hope someone from AT will read that couple lines
  5. Hello guys, I'm here to use some of your great releases especially for MMO private servers, and I mean IPS. My name is Daniel, 27 from Poland, nice to meet you all and hope this forum will live forever as I remember time's when there were shutting-down rumors. Wish you luck.