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  1. You can change your URL (if you're using nulled,) in the conf_global.php file in your forum directory folder, usually wherever you uploaded the files at. Otherwise if its a cloud package with IPB, you have to contact their support or use one of your free domain changes.
  2. Pretty sure it's done through a plugin (or application) called Category Tabs. As far as I can tell, the plugin/application may have been discontinued because I can no longer find it on the IPB marketplace..
  3. Just curious; what exactly are you needing worked on? I'd hate to contact you on discord for something I may not be able to do. Just wanting to know any specifics. (I know have a 'what you will work on' but it's very generalized so I'm just curious on what exactly needs done)
  4. For the data-category, I'd say meddle around with the divs you're using. Otherwise you can define the forum by an nth-child so something like /*Changing the first forum row, you can change the value 1 to whichever order the forum row you're wanting to change is*/ .lkAreaCategory.cForumRow:nth-child(1) { box-shadow: 0px 0px 13px 1px rgba(194,148,50,1); } Other than that ^ again just look at the divs you're looking to change. If you need further help, mention me on the WebFlake discord.
  5. Unless you know PHTML syntax (to properly setup an if statement where if !\IPS\Member::loggedIn() {means if user is not logged in} - redirect to a defined location, php uses header ('location: redirect.php')) then you're pretty much out of luck there. PHTML is the language used by IPS to create the templates of the themes.
  6. Did you define the group as an ID in the group formatting? It would be something like <div id="Administrator"></div> In your group
  7. Could you elaborate on what you mean? Are you wanting to add a separator above the signature area to differentiate the signature from the post?
  8. Hey Sarah if you're still having trouble with this, I can maybe have you screenshare on Discord to figure out what your problem is? My discord is Voldri#5786
  9. Could you leave your forum's link or PM me it by any chance? Chances are there's code blocking it.
  10. Really only one way to achieve this. Go into the theme's html templates from the customization area in the ACP, search for ipsDataItem_meta ipsContained_container ipsMessageRow it'll be in the messagelistRow <div class='ipsDataItem_meta ipsContained_container ipsMessageRow' data-ipsTruncate data-ipsTruncate-type="remove" data-ipsTruncate-size="1 lines"> {{if $row['last_message']}}<span class='ipsType_break ipsContained'>{$row['last_message']->truncated( TRUE )|raw}</span>{{endif}} </div> Delete the whole if/endif statement, save. Voila.
  11. You'd probably need to make a php function and count() the days between checkin and checkout.
  12. Try removing the widget with the sidebar manager, adding it back in. If that doesn't work, I'd suggest getting a plugin like group color on links/group color format to assist with it.
  13. Perhaps try running the support tool in the ACP > somethings not right
  14. It sounds like you're wanting to create your own navigation bar? Could you clarify if this is in fact what you're wanting.
  15. #acpPageHeader.cDashboardHeader { display: none; } Should remove it. If you want to change it, probably just go into the default theme edit html/css in the customization area and look for cDashboardHeader acpPageHeader_flex (in the html templates) And just change the code after the <h1 class="ipsType_pageTitle">
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