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  1. 1 ♥ 4 @Dusan he help me! he solved

    Hi :D

    Can you program a plugin where the Teamspeak synchronization "surface" in the user bar is?

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    2. DummerBatz


      Moving "Teamspeak Sync" to the Userbar


    3. Dusan


      Sent you a message.

    4. DummerBatz
  3. Hello, I would like to see the "Teamspeak Sync" not as shown in the screenshot above, but in the menu, if you click on the user name - who knows how to realize this?
  4. Hello, it is possible too see multiple ranks in IPS 4.3? Example under "Snow" a second image?
    Is work with ne newiest Version
  5. Hello, which App user Webflake too show the Discord Server?
  6. Do I need for the "pages" plugin of Invision, or is this synonymous without?

    1. Jeffrey


      Yes, you need to have the Pages application.

    Good Work. Can you Upload the new Version? Additional Information how i put it in?