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  1. Hello, I'm looking for a designer capable of creating a GTA roleplay design. This should already be ready coded! From the design I would like the following:
  2. Hello, i search the Infraskew Theme Version 1.2.3 Updated since 6 Hours
  3. Hey, Is it possible to add lights on the right side of the page?
  4. 1 ♥ 4 @Dusan he help me! he solved

    Hi :D

    Can you program a plugin where the Teamspeak synchronization "surface" in the user bar is?

  6. Hello, I would like to see the "Teamspeak Sync" not as shown in the screenshot above, but in the menu, if you click on the user name - who knows how to realize this?
  7. Hello, it is possible too see multiple ranks in IPS 4.3? Example under "Snow" a second image?
    Is work with ne newiest Version
  8. Hello, which App user Webflake too show the Discord Server?
  9. Do I need for the "pages" plugin of Invision, or is this synonymous without?

    1. Jeffrey


      Yes, you need to have the Pages application.