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  1. I said it is a modified theme of TwentyFifteen, which it is. Risa is a child theme based on TwentyFifteen:
  2. Right click, then go to View Source. You'll see: <meta name="generator" content="WordPress 4.8.1" /> Looking further, the source theme is the Wordpress theme "twentyfifteen", modified.
  3. Haha, I'd like to but I'd much rather release it to the community for free.
  4. Yup, been a work-in-progress for a very long time! That's because it's a full-on script copy, not just the theme, but EVERYTHING! Thanks for the post, Phun! Thank you, deaneo8
  5. Just wanted to say that my TTGv4 clone script had been abandoned for a long time, even though it was nearly complete. I decided to take it down and stop working on it because someone used HTTrack to attempt to copy the filesystem of my clone, and share it online (they are a noob tho because they just saved the HTML of all the pages, equivalent to viewing the source of a webpage. They did not get any of the PHP files or anything that wouldn't be publically viewable. This discouraged me from further working on the clone, because I didn't want people trying to steal my WIP and make it as their own, also considering that it was a Beta and not fully finished. What also discouraged me from finishing it for this community was because I was repfucked for a nonsensical reason. But, moving on from all that, I'd really like to get back into finishing it and releasing it for the community. I've had many people demo this script and every one of them felt they were ACTUALLY ON THETECHGAME. This clone is almost exact, no joke. Shoutbox exactly the same, fully functioning. Your uploaded background image appears on all site pages, working profile status update feature, working profile wall and friend request system. Working reputation system, rotating fading rank badge images if you have more than one assigned to your account. The posting page uses the same bbcode box TTG uses. Banned accounts display a suspended page, you can set your profile privacy for logged in members only.. Notifications show in the notification drop-down (friend requests, messages, wall posts). I used a PHP script to add the notification numbers to make the total unread notification count appear in the header. The URL scheme is also exactly like TTG ( etc). Homepage news appears in 4 sections, using IF statements to pull the news from the appropriate categories. The scrolling recent topics on the homepage works, as well. There's a staff list page. You can even change your username color if you're in the "Gold Member" group! I worked nearly 3 years on this script and I wouldn't like for my work to go to waste, so I'd like to continue work on this. There will also be a skinning system to use your own custom skins. I tried very hard to remake TTG down to the last detail. Lots of functionality is using modern modal window popups, and hundreds of more features. Here are some old pictures (pre-me-doing-tons-more-updates). These pics are very old and look quite different from the current version, as it is now way more polished and hundreds of bugs were fixed and features updated. The latest downloads and tutorials on the homepage screenshot are just placeholders, as I did not wish to copy the videos, tutorials, and downloads system features at the time (but I now plan to add just the downloads system). I will be looking for some new beta testers for the script soon. The table borders were fixed in the new version. I'll update with new pictures of the current version soon. Here is the link to the old thread (pic links are dead in OP, but some aren't dead throughout the thread)
  6. My IPB site won't load on mobile devices. It's not the theme, this has occurred on 3 separate themes. My site loads fine on desktop / laptop. I changed the user agent on my phone to Mozilla, Chrome, and IE9. All worked fine. Can't seem to find anything in the error logs. iPhone 5, iOS 7 - displaying blank white page when loading my site. If you require my URL / a test account, please PM me. Thanks.
  7. & on one of my topics you stated my board was nulled, out of curiosity how can you tell?

    1. IP.Board


      If the board wasnt nulled, then the plugins / apps were.

  8. Hello, I can not PM, what is your skype? Interested in purchasing something. My skype is 'LHugoLBoss'

  9. The clue was in the title. Chris solved it. Thanks.
  10. Ćįphęr. 9-6-3-2 6-11 25-6-11-24-15-22, 5-2-9-9-12, 20-2-25-3-9-24-8-2. 24-10-13-9-6-17-18-1-2 12-3 4-15-2-24-17-2-15 10-2-24-16-18-15-2, 3-12-15 11-12-17 6-11 17-5-6-16 20-12-15-9-1, 9-6-2-16 24-9-9 17-5-2 4-15-2-24-17-2-16-17 13-9-2-24-16-18-15-2. 17-5-2 5-6-1-1-2-11 10-2-16-16-24-4-2 6-16 20-6-17-5-6-11.
  11. Hey m8, add me skype: an0n_net

  12. I want to display the modules/Your_Account/blocks/comments.php block in a tab I have for the Your_Account profile in DragonflyCMS. How it looks: How I want it to look: I have a userinfo.html theme file, and that is where the profile layout is. Files: modules/Your_Account/blocks/comments.php displays the comments themes/mytheme/template/account/userinfo.html is for my profile layout. The info (such as the comments, download stats, forum topics, etc.) is displayed via modules/Your_Account/userinfo.php I need the Posts / Comments stats etc. to display in their appropriate tabs! Can someone PLEASE help me with this. The stats displayed on the profile are rendered in a PHP file, but my templates are HTML! Thanks.
  13. A nice track.
  14. If I have a pirated copy of something.. (A plugin for Ableton Live, a VST), that I downloaded over someone ELSE's wifi, but put on my PC via USB, and denied Internet access for the .exe file of that plugin, would it be possible for the company of that plugin to tell if I'm using a pirated version? (Don't wanna get sued) Thanks.