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  1. it depends on your requirements. I have tried many tools and I feel that I am more inclined towards Photoshop
  2. I did post it as a reply and have been waiting for last one week. ohhh man this is like never ending wait
  3. Both have the + and -, I am sure you would have already gone through it. I am in the same dilemma as my son is asking me for a PS4 pro. I am a xbox fan. Looking at number of games that are available I think PS4 is handsdown. However, with the new age of cloud games via gamepass I am again not sure which one to go for. At the same time PS5 is schedule for release next year. Should I really invest in any of these consoles now is a big question. So for timebeing happy with xbox at home.
  4. Not sure if you have checked this:
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