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  1. Use custom notification plugin for IPS
  2. Solved! Invisible Re-captcha was causing error however, re-captcha v2 is also causing error
  3. Hi, kindly help me. I receive this error on IPS Suite when i try to signup
  4. Problem Solved! Custom Created Block was causing problem so i changed it's id from discord-server to discord_server and then it was removed from sidebar then i added other widgets and then i added discord widget (custom block) again.
  5. Hi, i am using FLine theme from this community. Whenever, i add widget for showing recent topics in the sidebar it automatically got removed on refreshing the forums page. Kindly Help me!
  6. No Ok, i will try to download it again when the limit ends and try to install it. I will be able to download it again at 12:47 AM GMT +5
  7. Yes Should i install it manually by uploading files to applications folder? Now, i uploaded files manually and try to install it from application and i received this error
  8. I downloaded .zip file of auto welcome from here and then i extracted and archive it in .tar format but when i upload it from application tab it give this error
  9. Hi, kindly help me to install Auto Welcome plugin founded here I don't know how to install it. Kindly Help me