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  1. boss1996

    Sidebar issue

    i agree it will look different on all devices at least mobile anyways ill mess around and see what i can come up with thanks for helping
  2. boss1996

    Menu Fline

    This is a theme bug as far am aware it's when you change the dropdown menu in theme editor just change it back to default and it go back to normal. just have to wait for a update to fix this issue i guess that's if you're still using it. vote up if this has helped you
  3. So i have no idea why this has happend but i can't get on my website now or even disable design mode i haven't got a clue what it's used for but i wanted to enable it and check it out and for some weird reason it has destroyed everything and now my admincp looks like this can you please help me or has this happend to anyone else using 4.3 IPB here is a example of what it's done when i enabled it. The issues is now fixed. Just in case if this happens to anyone just try and go to themes then back the cp and disable design mode
  4. boss1996

    Sidebar issue

    so for a example when you add a custom block and it always goes on the top is there a way for me to set it half way the page i wanna have the function to place them were i want top, middle, bottom etc,