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  1. maybe there will be no winner
  2. McDonald i dont like burger king after working there for 6 months in Newcastle airport
  3. PUBG... what else has to be said
  4. ok found the apache2 error log file, you can download and see for your self what is going on, iv also found the line of code matching the error so i hope this helps. first error code Second error code Log file is down below forum_error.log
  5. Now i have a bigger problem, when members sign out of the account it dose not load it any more, so i get a error page isnt working HTTP 500. anyone got any ideas
  6. Just notification problem, forums are a little slow when iv edit a setting in admin panel e.g theme but it just dose not load the notification, iv checked the permission and i cant see anything wrong with them. if its easy to talk via vc and to see what it is like just drop me a message and i can invite u onto my discord and we can do a interview meeting or something.
  7. I updated the forum to the latest version and it is still happening BUT its only happening to me and the other owner no other user dose anyone have any idea's.
  8. It happens on default theme as well. just tested it.
  9. Hello there. for some time now iv had this problem with my notifications on my forums as it will just get stuck on loading as seen in the pic below if i click view all notifications i get this , anyone got any ideas how to fix this. Many Thanks Sam Sharp.
  10. Must be Spotify Easy 80's
  11. Bacon and egg sandwich but has to be in a soft white bun.