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  1. d0cc

    IPB or MYBB?

    I would say ipb for marketing
  2. I have like 200 stuff on my screen lol
  3. d0cc

    Mac or Windows

    What's better Mac computer or windows PC?
  4. Hey, So i basically have a IPS Forum, I wanna make a simple stylish html website that is example.com and it will have a button "Join Now" and it will redirect me to www.example.com/forum/ I'm not talking about a redirect button like this "<p><a href="https://www.example.com/">Visit our HTML tutorial</a></p>" I have searched around but i don't seem to find anything. I don't know what's it called. Thanks in Advance! Example like this website: ---- /forums/
  5. d0cc

    Best PC OS

    Good old Windows 7
  6. Android looks more Proffesional while IOS Looks trash
  7. I think its unnecessary, Since i know what is safe to download, And i can just auto detect the item that is malicious.
  8. Hello, Hope you have a great time here.
  9. d0cc


    Hey, This forum is very friendly, And i've had very much experience browsing this forum..
  10. Make it more 3D, Don't really like the coloring choice.
  11. Welcome @SirioX, Hope you have an amazing stay at webflake's forum, It's a really helpful and nice community.
  12. I like dark themes more, My eyes hurts