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    Was looking for the latest version of this. Thanks!
  1. Version 2.7.2


    Ever run into a situation where you want to prefix a thread with multiple tags? Now you can. All the same features still work, clicking a prefix shows all threads prefixed with that same prefix. Searching for a prefix will show all threads that contain that prefix (plus the other ones it has). Supported content types Threads XenForo Resource Manager; Resources DbTech Shop's items DbTech eCommerce's products

  2. Version 2.1.3


    Do you run a music review or discussion site? Always copying and pasting information from TheAudioDB to your new threads? Or, maybe you just want a place on your site to discuss music with friends. Then this add-on is for you! The AudioDB Music Thread Starter allows you to enter the album ID or the entire link to the album at TheAudioDB into your new thread, add whatever comments you like and post the new thread. The Music Thread Starter will import all of the information for your album into the first post of the new thread. FEATURES : Automatically populates the first post with the album cover and information. Automatically displays the album cover and information in forum thread list. Checks for duplicate albums and changes a new thread to a post in existing thread if found Ability to search Genre, Artist and Album Title in forum thread list. Information shown in forum thread list is admin selectable. Choose multiple forums as music forums. Limit forums to specific music genres. Award trophy points for starting music threads. Changes from the XF1 version: Thread title is now always album title Removed cover & description update cron tasks (would overwrite manual edits) Removed BB-Codes from music posts (cron updates existing XF1 version threads) Music display in threads in now via a template (allows for immediate forum wide changes) Users can change their rating at any time Additions not in the XF 1.x version: In place editing of albums Permission to edit albums Permission to edit album images Add/Remove tracks Add/Remove youtube video per track

  3. Version 1.0.2


    Main Features Create unlimited categories to store the blackjack tables The categories on the index page shows in nice grid elements The category page will show info on the tables How many people are online at each table The minimum - maximum wagers The last win and the last winner Create unlimited blackjack tables Choose what member groups can view each table Choose what member groups can play on each table Members who have permission to play on the tables will also have permission to chat Allow members to chat to each other with a built in chatbox for each table ( the chat will auto update when new messages are posted ) Select the minimum & maximum wagers on each table Choose from 2 different style tables to play on Each table has it's own latest results column showing the last 100 results from the table ( this will automatically update using jquery and ajax ) ACP Category & Table ListingEach table has it's own button in the ACP listing allow you to check the stats of each table Total Games Played Total Points Paid In Total Points Paid Out Total Profit Total Member Wins Total Dealer Wins Total Pushes Widgets Show a list of the biggest gamblers Show a list of the highest win ( This is unique to the member so if the member has the highest 2 wins it will only show their highest win and not place them twice in the list ) Show a list of the members who have won the most hands Select how many you want to show in each widget

  4. Kaneko Sayami


    Version 2.1.10


    Omni is a unique dark that can dramatically change the look of the overall appearance with just a few options. We've included 5 default color setups in Omni along with any accent color you want. This is the first of its kind that has ever existed on XenForo, come see what makes Omni so versatile.

  5. Version 2.3.0


    Discord Integration allows you to establish a connection and manage your Discord server from the comfort of the XenForo Admin Control Panel. This is a free upgrade if you already own an active license to the original Discord Integration. Features: Allows for XenForo user groups to be synced with Discord server roles. Essentially this allows you to automate the giving and removing of Discord server roles based on the groups that a XenForo user is part of. Users can associate their Discord identities with their XenForo usernames to establish a sync. Discord nicknames can also be updated to match forum names. New for XenForo 2.x: Allow the bot to show up as online and display a custom status message. Manage your Discord instance from the ACP. Allow your users to register and sign up via Discord. Send alerts to connected users and channels via the ACP. Automatically post links to threads from XenForo forums to defined Discord channels as soon as they're posted. The user who posted the thread, the thread title, a short snippet and a link to the thread are included in the message. This is set on a per-forum basis allowing you to fine-tune what channels should get the notifications. New for XenForo 2.x: Automatically post links to resources from XenForo Resource Manager to defined Discord channels as soon as they're posted. The user who posted the resource, the resource title, a short snippet and a link to the resource are included in the message. This is set on a per-category basis allowing you to fine-tune what channels should get the notifications. Resource updates will also be posted to the same channel. Allow staff members with permission to 'promote' links to threads to Discord channels. Allow users to receive watch notifications from forums and threads they specify (in addition to emails and alerts). They will receive these notifications privately from your configured bot. There are plans for future expansion with 1-to-1 communication with the bot. New for XenForo 2.x: The bot can now send XenForo alerts and conversations straight to your Discord DMs. All types of alerts are supported out of the box with zero configuration required. Users can opt-out of this behaviour by adjusting the appropriate setting within their Account Preferences area. Support for Report Centre Essentials to add notifications for new open reports and when the total number of open reports reaches a certain threshold. Installation: Install the add-on through the XenForo admin panel, as normal. Create a new Discord application by going here. Set the "Name" to whatever you want your bot to be called and continue. You may optionally set a description and icon for your bot. Navigate to the OAuth2 section and click "Add Redirect". Ensure you have a Redirect URL set in the form of your board URL followed by connected_account.php. So for example: https://mysite.com/connected_account.php Navigate to the Bot section, click "Add Bot" and then accept the warning. Ensure 'Public Bot' and 'Require OAuth2 Code Grant' are both unchecked. Copy the Client ID and Client Secret values for the application from the General Information section and paste them in to the Discord connected provider located in the XenForo admin panel -> Setup -> Connected providers. Do the same for the Bot token, located under the Bot section and paste it in to the corresponding field in your XenForo admin panel. You'll also need your Discord Server / Guild ID which can be obtained by following the steps listed here. Once you've done this, save the connected provider. Navigate to 'Test Discord integration' located at XenForo admin panel -> Tools. This will initially be red and failing. Invite the bot to your server from this page and also click "Open WebSocket" to ensure messages can be sent by the bot. Re-run the test and you should be all good to go.

  6. Hey guys, I've always been involved with IPS and XenForo and some of MyBB. But when it comes to anything else, I'm pretty much a noob. I've never even installed or used wordpress ever. So I have a question regarding it but before I do, let me explain what's going on. I admin over several forums/communities. Do basic stuff for them, upgrade to the latest version, install apps/plugins, configure them etc. One of these sites is an IPS Community that's for Adult Content. Mostly the Gallery is used more than anything. The owner wants to do a change and leave IPS. He showed me another Adult site that looks like what he wants. I found out the site was made using wordpress, that's all I know. But the site also has a Gallery and Video area. And your Profile is kinda like Discord, in the sense that is has a discrim. When you create your account it's called: Username#1234 and the profile also has a Profile song plugin I think? I'm not sure but since this is wordpress I wanted to know if these are plugins or what because I've never seen stuff like this. IF anyone wants to see the adult site I'm talking about, you can dm here or on Discord and I can show you what it looks like and the features it has.
  7. I am no longer providing this service. All the people in my Discord Server and past customers know why, as well as @Davlin. I will be retiring from offering this service. However I am always still around. This was great to do with you guys while it lasted. Sorry to anyone who needs or needed a service like this. I hope someone in the future takes over and offers something like this. Thank you for trusting me and always giving me a good review and feedback. This topic can be locked if possible.
  8. I got one with 558. If you want it add me on Discord. Kaneko Sayami#0050
  9. you placed it in Custom.css and called the class in the group formatting option? It could also be your current theme.
  10. I use Gradient's in some of my usergroups: Add to custom CSS .Gradient{ background-image: -webkit-gradient( linear, left top, right top, color-stop(0, #673AB7), color-stop(1, #ad00ff) ); color: transparent; -webkit-background-clip: text; background-clip: text; font-weight: bold; font-style: italic; } Change the 2 Hex Color codes to your desired Colors. Next go to the usergroup that will have the Gradient and go to group formatting add this: <span class="Gradient";> </span> And Done.
  11. ACP > Member Shop > Points Settings > Points name >
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