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  1. From Kruzya Country. In Keyland town.
  2. I use Kaspersky (and on else PC) && Dr. Web
  3. Yuzia

    xf 2

    Yep, the same xf1 with some good styles?
  4. Yuzia

    IOS or Android?

    For me is Android.
  5. I think .gif (.mp4) can show all of us, what we get if done all what you say.
  6. Hi there! I have some problem with Plugin (Rich Discord Integration, (next RDI)) I fully and successfull setup all need in plugin and he work correctly. BUT, I have one problem. If someone connect to Discord Channel, I most manualy accept him (and him roles) Version RDI 1.0.1, include auto accepting, but it not work. (Or I do somethink wrong) Help with it pls. Thanks
  7. Hi there. I need some help. I want hide some elements for small displays (like a Phones). I know BS have some Classes for this. (For example: xs-hidden, sm-hidden etc | *-hidden). Question: What a name for this classes have IPS? (ips_*-hidden? ips_*_hidden?)
  8. Yuzia

    Xenforo or IPB?

    XenForo - small and easy. IPS(IPB) - Big and Better Bigger
  9. Twitch for Streams YouTube for other shit :d