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  1. Frood

    GTA 5?

    I think people are mostly on the FiveM platform nowadays after the streamers picked up the heat
  2. Frood

    Razer or Corsair?

    I've got my razer keyboard, mouse and headphones for over 2 years. They appear to work fine except the glue seems to wear off.
  3. Nevermind, figured it out with square brackets
  4. I am attempting to make an API encoded URL work to post a completed form into a database record, but I am running into a little issue with defining parameters. Under the API documentation, for cms/records/{database.id}, I need to define category (if applicable), author, fields, and other optionals like locked, pinned, hidden, tags etc. All is well until I tried to define fields. The fields are being picked up as a string, rather than an object. e.g name:value "fields":{"field_1:value","field_3:value","field_5:value","field_7:value","field_9:value"} What happens is field I
  5. Sometimes when I browse through CF enabled sites it seems to appear as offline, meaning I won't be able to get onto the site as a result of that though?
  6. Frood

    IPB or MYBB?

    IPB seems nicer with the number of addon modules available for download
  7. Someone lock this post now so I win ?
  8. Frood

    IOS or Android?

    Android seems more user friendly. Although I think there are different variations of the software being used on different phone brands, like Mi v Samsung. Apple seem more consistent that way
  9. iPhone is pretty neat to have tho, despite its hefty price tag it's still pretty decent, especially their latest 3GB XR model
  10. This can be closed now, after a month of tinkering I finally realised it was a bugged plugin that I had with logging in via Discord
  11. I am unsure if that itself is the issue, given it only triggers a 403 when someone uses Bold in the formatting in the replies or signatures. All other types of text formatting seems to cause no issues.
  12. Hi folks, I seem to have a little issue here on my website. It's all fine until recently, just out of the blue, when people started to change their signatures using text formatting such as Bold, when they save it, they get taken to a 403 Error page with "Access to this resource on the server is denied!" Likewise it seems to happen to people who use any form of editor's text formatting in topic replies. Looking for ideas as to where to start in my diagnostics... thanks in advance
  13. Frood

    Xenforo or IPB?

    Haven't tried xenforo myself too much, but IPB is pretty user friendly, from regular users all the way to people with access to ACP, there're just so many customisations available. You can even build your own page so I really enjoy it.
  14. Maybe try recording your stream while you stream on twitch, then edit the video later on and post it on youtube as a "stream highlights" with the funniest bits etc, helps bring in more people for your channel/stream if they start liking your contents on both.