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  1. @Bedoes thanks for your reply...but can you explain it more detailed
  2. hey webflaxes , Again hope you all doing great Guys, How to Customize Side Scroller like on our webflaxes like this Thanks in Advance
  3. buddy i want both i need it like , After replied to a hidden-content it should remain there as hidden until reaction given
  4. Hey hope you all doing great As title says i need to setup my forum "Hidden Content" to lock both by reply and reactions For Example If a User reply to hide content ,it must remain locked until give reactions(like,heart) how to setup like this ? Thanks in Advance
  5. hey all thanks in advance as title says how to install discord properly on ips 4.3 any quick guide?
  6. @TOTE thanks saver thanks for your help
  7. #Affliction no mate staff directory and Moderator/Administrator tabs both functions are diffeerent .... :(
  8. yeah from content option we can fully restrict from them(moderators) all section......but we cannot grant them(moderators) permission to some sections for example if i have two sections, one for ips and other for i need to grant moderator's permission only on ips section and restrict permission from vbulletin this and this option is not available on our v4.3.4 realease but i used it on v4.2.7 before thannks #N3CK for the reply
  9. Hey Guys, if this question is stupid...apologize me last day i upgraded my forum to 4.3.4 and i can say its the best release from davlin and other respected staffs.... but i cannot find moderator forum permission option on our latest release v4.3.4 this option was available on our old release v4.2.7 i will show screenshot the option available on v4.2.7 now i will show same for ips v4.3.4 no option for "forums"...............this forums permision option was very helpfull.....using this its very helpfull to restrict some section permission i cannot see this option on our latest release......and the rest of this 4.3.4 is very good release........enjoyed a lot onceagain special thankss to davlin and other staffs for new v4.3.4
  10. great work davlin.....upgraded to your latest release 4.3.4?
  11. i am soo happy to be here......and for ipb platform ....webflake is the best and staffs very friendly and highly skilled.... i am enjoying here everymoment :)