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  1. especially with the new v79 update, now it has become a mess. maybe it is time to switch to a different browser and i should give edge a chance? the op is a good read!
  2. no doubt ips is a great software, but how do you like the new xenforo 2.2 release? imho it looks very promising, although i hate that the software is not easy to use for non-devs and they are focussing so much on the forum module.
  3. I find Arma 3 to be the best tactical shooter, but I think it is PC-only.
  4. Arma for sure. I prefer more realistic games and the same goes for the RP, which is way mature in Arma.
  5. IPB is just great. It has the most advanced features.
  6. Never played Fortnite, but PUBG is still good fun!
  7. I think it depends on what you are used to. If you have used an iPhone for years, then it is not very likely that you are going to switch to an Android phone. Personally I still like how easy Apple products can be used. :)
  8. dev of said resource is known for adding callbacks and license checks to their software. has this been taken care of (aka is it nulled)?
  9. they update regularly unlike other devs, so i like it quite a lot.
  10. yes, i took a look at these. thank you very much! maybe i have overlooked it, but is there a change to get the latest resources addon? i see the gallery, but not the resources addon.
  11. i'd love to give xf a try, but where to get regularly updated nulled versions and nulled apps?
  12. Battle Royale is not my cup of tea, but if I had to choose I have to say that PUBG looks more interesting to me.
  13. Well, if you have the money for it...? :)
  14. ipb that is why i am here. :)
  15. Why not both? I go to the cinema every once in a while, but I definetly also like Netflix. :)
    Great app! Any chance this gets an update? Also, the dev has started to add (more?) callbacks and license checks in his software. What a shame. ?
  16. I am no fan of live-streaming, so YouTube is what I prefer.
  17. i still like to play age of empires 2. of all games, this is probably the one i have spent most time in.
  18. I am used to Android, so I wouldn't switch as of now. Maybe some day in the future...
  19. as a pc gamer, you dont have a choice here. :D
  20. That is easy: PC. :D
  21. Pleya

    IPB or MYBB?

    MyBB is not really bad for a free software... but IPS is more advanced, that is for sure.
  22. Does anybody really use Bitcoins on a regular basis? No, I prefer PayPal.
  23. Pleya

    Updating, yes or no?

    I wait a certain time to see if any problems with the new version occur.
  24. Pleya


    Stable is out (since ~5 hours). Check out this or the client area of IPS.
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