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  1. Thanks, it's resolved! Sorry for being toxic
  2. Heya there folks! So, as the title says, after adding cloudflare SSL and setting up conf_global to point to HTTPS the forum is having issues. Calendar barely works(can't add description text, only allows images), editing Email doesn't work and there are probably more features that aren't working. I am running 4.4.10 and the forum in question is https://armaklanmunje.icu Update: Following someone doesn't work, it gives a error Update: WRITING POSTS DOESN'T WORK, <removed>
  3. Never got into watching it, might start watching soon.
  4. I watched all 3 seasons in a matter of 2 days. One of the best shows I watched.
  5. Kaish

    Custom Rom

    Runned it once, bricked my phone. I might install a rom in a few months when my warranty expires
  6. Metallica and AC/DC, but from the Balkans Yu Grupa and Zabranjeno Pušenje
  7. Its sad that it's not on steam
  8. Didn't hear of it, but I think, if that's real, that it won't make such a change in cryptocurrency world, unless they integrate it heavly into their eco-system
  9. It really depends, on how I feel. But mostly Cinema, since I met some of my best friend there.
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