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    Really buggy :\ but don't know why.
    I love this theme!! Need update!! ^^
    Awesome theme..! Thanks!!
    Thank you! Very usefull!!
  1. Thanks for the answer! Its already solved just need to change the Timezone in the init.php
  2. can you check it for me please? ^^ because i want to know this is an engine problem or server problem
  3. But it just for me? Or what?
  4. But i used this version and the calendar not working... i setup again but not working..... the display is not correct.
  5. Yea at night i shut down because the calendar makes me rage... ^^''''''' Where can i get the latest version?
    A.W.E.S.O.M.E!!!!!!!! But.... I installed to my google cloud vm and the calendar not working very well..... EDIT: I figured it out Everything working fine! Thanks again!!!
  6. Hi! I installed IPS 4.3.3 to my google cloud server. The Calendar not working. Its showing but in the month view every time 1 day difference. But in the week view everything works fine. Whats the problem?
    Can you update to the latest version?? Thanks!! <3