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  1. FenniC

    None DMCA host

    Sup everyone, So not sure if anyone else noticed, but past months I have had 3 sites taken down by DMCA directly from IPS for using nulled version of the forums. I found a really good offshore host who ignore DMCA's (they dont publiclly say this but its in their ToS) My Affiliate link Some of the packages are a little expensive but worth it over having to change host over a DMCA
  2. IPS isnt open source, But when you purchase a license and download IPS you do have the source files.
  3. Ahh Okay thanks for the help.
  4. So I recently updated my forum IPS to 4.3, But my theme magnum is for 4.2 and it broken on 4.3. I why cant i post in requests for the latest version of the theme?
  5. Personally, I am an AMD fan boy and also have a personally to support the little guy. Because deep down in my mind, I know that the little guy will come up on top one day. Maybe not tomorrow or next year, but soon. Also you cant complain about AMD prices. Sure they are not as good as intel, But intel prices are soo high, once you do the price to performance, AMD is always the better cost to performace. If you have the money and really want the extra boost in performance, I wont hate you for buying intel.
  6. Fortnite, PUBG is terrible. Bad FPS, Too slow paced and fortnites update cycle is always adding new stuff. Plus PUBG is soo butt hurt over fortnites success they are trying to sue fortnite/Epic Games on copyright... Such BS.