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  1. FenniC

    not inative

    Ya, sometimes I just cant come on for over a month.
  2. FenniC


    BF5 will be a failure. They already pushed back the release because of community out cry
  3. IPS isnt open source, But when you purchase a license and download IPS you do have the source files.
  4. So I recently updated my forum IPS to 4.3, But my theme magnum is for 4.2 and it broken on 4.3. I why cant i post in requests for the latest version of the theme?
  5. Fortnite, PUBG is terrible. Bad FPS, Too slow paced and fortnites update cycle is always adding new stuff. Plus PUBG is soo butt hurt over fortnites success they are trying to sue fortnite/Epic Games on copyright... Such BS.