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  1. Filezilla here ever since I started web developing. Although for my linux dedi server I use winscp
  2. Hello, love the trackers bundle and will be buying it on payday but I was wondering.. does buying the bundle give me a purty username (snow/blizz) ?
  3. Danohavek

    Mac or Windows

    Been using windows since the start of having a PC, loved XP and wont go past windows 7. Later version are too far from my liking of an OS.
  4. I personally enjoy the new CoD BO4, its a hit (Ps4)
  5. USA west coast here but im sure thats typical.
  6. Danohavek

    IOS or Android?

    I'm losing respect for Apple, so prob making the switch to droid this year.
  7. pugb is more realistic is the reason i prefer it over FN.