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    Thank you but is there a guide on how to use it?..
  1. I'm allowed to do that so I don't see why not. multiple requests where people (including myself) bumped the request and eventually got what they requested for. Besides, whether I bump my topic or not, it's none of your business really so please, spare me this argument. Thanks.
  2. I can do that of course but the topic author says he worked on it for quite some time and he didn't save a backup unfortunately, therefore, im trying to get it resolved instead of having him spend a few hours on recreating that topic (he said it took him 2hours..)
  3. How can I remove it without visiting the thread? Edit: I tried to click&hold on topic title but it wouldn't actually change it once I pressed enter (after changing the title)..
  4. Tried, it did nothing regarding the theme. And I'm using the theme I posted above, seems like an up-to-date theme, isn't it?