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  1. I can do that of course but the topic author says he worked on it for quite some time and he didn't save a backup unfortunately, therefore, im trying to get it resolved instead of having him spend a few hours on recreating that topic (he said it took him 2hours..)
  2. How can I remove it without visiting the thread? Edit: I tried to click&hold on topic title but it wouldn't actually change it once I pressed enter (after changing the title)..
  3. Tried, it did nothing regarding the theme. And I'm using the theme I posted above, seems like an up-to-date theme, isn't it?
  4. Sorry if i sound rude but if i could pay for it i would've just paid for it myself mate.
  5. Hey all, I need the latest version of the referrals system. We have version 2.0.1 here but it doesn't work properly on ipb 4.3.x. This is what I'm talking about- And here's what we have on WF - Any help will be greatly appreciated.
  6. I recommend you to use the 'support' feature, it'll probably disable all plugins and applications. Then, if it works, just go and enable apps and plugins one by one until this error occurs again. Once it occurs again, you'll know which plugin/app is causing it exactly, then update/remove it. I don't see another reason for it to happen when using the default theme, it should work completely fine.
  7. Looks like some CSS work, are you using an outdated theme?