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  1. Where can I add this?
  2. Well, I would like to know how I can customize this scrollbar
  3. Not sure anymore I think this only appears to users who do not have any upado avatar yet.
  4. That's not it ... More I already resovi can close the topic.
  5. Hi, my name is Lapeme I have the following problem in my community Whenever a member / administrator logs into the forum, he automatically logs in as anonymous. I've already tried to disable anonymous login I have already changed the permissions of the group Help-me Plis...
  6. Lapeme

    Problem IPS 4.3.4

    I already did that and it did not work buddy.
  7. Lapeme

    Problem IPS 4.3.4

    No, every time someone in this group logs on to my site, it gets anonymously.
  8. the membergroup image
    Upload version 4.3.5 plis @Davlin
  9. Good night, well I'm with a simple problem that I can not solve, how can I increase the size of my IT, it gets very small in the topics see:
  10. I think you could create a folder and upar the IPS inside, for example, / EN would be: dps tu mounts the forum and talz kkk would work ....
  11. Hello friends, I recently updated to version 4.3.4 of IPS, and I have a problem, I always create an account and give the position of "Founder" always enter anonymously, I have already done and I have refiled the post again and I have no results , if anyone can help me, thank you. Print:
  12. If you want I'll help you, call me private.