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  1. Hello friends, my question is as follows, how can I change the areas marked in this image by an X? I use the Oblivion theme but I have tried to change it in the editing panel, in the CSS and nothing. Any suggestions? Thank you all!
  2. I'm using Skylium web hosting, but i changed now the web hosting and problem solved :-D Maybe Skylium cannot install nulled software, i don't know but its solved ^^. Thanks for respond friends <3 <3 <3.
  3. Nothing same problem... Installed before to re-install 4.2.8
  4. Same error, i try re-install CMS complete and create a new DB with new User in MySQL and nothing... what happened? :S Edit: It's possible the problem is hosting web?
  5. Hello my friends, i trying today install IPB 4.2 Suite in my hosting: Skylium but i have this problem. Attach img. How can solved this problem?. Thanks all!