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Upgrade to Snow for $20 USD and receive a free copy of Oblivion Light ($5 discount).
Upgrade to +Blizzard for $35 USD and receive a free copy of Oblivion Light ($15 discount).

Please visit the thread below for more details.

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  1. I have not see something like this in market
  2. Someone have some version of this plug-in ? IPS 4.3**
  3. So you split the price of plug-in with me ?
  4. You can close I already bought today
  5. Very good in a few hours - days I will buy the whole package.
  6. Please confirm which prerequisites are needed to install this bundle on template .
  7. Some free up still need this
  8. There is a way to change admin acces weblink ? I want to limit acces to my panel administration.
  9. Some free up still need this
  10. I waiting to split plug-in price in two with some users 12/2 = 6
  11. I need to split in 2 the payment with someone 21.00 /2 = 10.5
  12. I already bought this extension right now. Topic closed.