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  1. I already bought this extension right now. Topic closed.
  2. TThanks Ноунейм waiting another + 1 person to be 3 person. 30$/3 = 10$
  3. I already bought this template right now. Topic closed.
  4. My mistake sorry Topic closed
  5. What template is this ? I see it is ips but what name it is ? Thanks for help
  6. I need to buy this Oblivion dark theme with blue focus 2.6 = 20$ Split payment with some users
  7. Cost of this is 30$ I will donate 5-10$, I am whiting another 1-3 persons.
  8. Transaction completed... Topic closed
  9. Look closer on panel maybe you will see where it is the problem , something is not ok. In my template everything was set and work.
  10. I have 8$ for this, who have 7$ p.m to me .
  11. The price it is 10$. I have 5$ i am waiting another 5$ from someone who want to split the total price with me. There is 2 people on this forum who can buy from us
  12. User details !

    Need someone who now about what i am talking