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  1. Thank you friend, it served me. Now I have another question. I want to place an ad below the Download Button? where can I put it
  2. good I was setting the URL of the web page but they do not want to leave me I get error 404 then I sent the Htaccess, Then you have not been able to modify it so that it is correctly you can help me https://www.descargalo.top/file/1-la-muerte-de-superman/?do=download&csrfKey=7fb8a772c93639aa2f9c5de8ae89b43c
  3. Good I have a web in xenforo but I want to migrate to IPB some guide?
  4. Put announcement in the position that are the dates How can I put it?
  5. I want to make visitors download content? How active?
  6. What types of VPS or Hosting do you use? Webflake?
  7. I want to put but link and not upload it to the server, how can I do it? Somehow?
  8. Good compañeras exists Some guide to install IPS well, is that I have some problems with my VPS
  9. Solved! thanks you can close theme Solved! thanks you can close theme
  10. Thanks bro I found it: D Well bro I said something else, It comes out but I can not give 5 star seems like it would not work: D what can happen?
  11. Well bro like the forum I have it Spanish, I do not understand much I do not see any of those options in forum Look bro I do not get anything: http://prntscr.com/j9qmfr
  12. How to activate this option to put the star for users to rate the post so I can help you I can not find anywhere
  13. bueno llega al imbox para hacer un poquito de pregunta
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