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  1. In the past, yes. Now I only use MBAM and whatever comes with windows.
  2. Audi>BMW but seriously stay away from German cars. The cost of ownership is horrible. Infiniti or Honda would be better.
  3. No. CCleaner, Roguekiller, MBAM - all anyone ever needs.
  4. Lol no. Faking genuine interest in a site is lame.
  5. It depends on the use case. CentOS is a server distribution. Ubuntu is a noobie friendly linux distro. Use the one that best suits the user and application.
  6. gooboy

    Help :D

    IPS 4.3 is the best in my opinion but XenForo is also highly rated. MyBB is a good open source alternative if you prefer FOSS.
  7. 5 years ago I would have said IOS was better than Android but Apple isn't what it used to be, so Android > IOS.
  8. Youtube is better, but they take 30% of superchat profits which is crazy.
  9. I stick to Firefox. The only Chromium based browser I have any inclination to use is Brave.
  10. Linux is my daily driver. I only resort to using Windows when I need to use Adobe products.