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  1. Can this be set so only a particular group has access to it?
  2. @Jeffrey that does solve it but it also completely changes the format of the topic box so it really doesn't look right with the theme anymore
  3. Theme is Cambridge for 4.2 and I am using 4.2.8 and it is compatible with that version
  4. Easiest way for me to explain this one is to show you a screenshot. The first is from the default theme. And the second is from the theme that I am using. What I am wanting is the second theme (the main one that I am using) to show the group icon and mood in the topics. I am not really sure why it's not showing. Default Theme - With Plugin Moods Theme that I am using as my main theme. I want this to show the group icon and Mood like in the default. These screenshots are from inside the topic where I am wanting them to show. Thanks
  5. Error

    Exactly what were you done prior to getting this message?
  6. I was using Invision Virus (IV) for awhile there and you had to use their own licence system. I didn't like it but at that stage wasn't aware of this site. I am pleased that I am not restricted on using the nulled version of IPB here and that if I am not active for a certain period I will lose access. That's a bit silly. From time to time people have things happen in their lives where things like that would make it hard.
  7. A bit annoyed this morning with having to go back into surgery sometime today to have another PICC line put in.

    1. Jeffrey


      i hope the surgery goes smoothly man. Whatever the problem is, I hope you'll get better soon.

    2. Zaccy


      Thank you @Jeffrey - A simple foot infection that ended up going into the bone. So now a simple thing has turned into something very serious that if not fixed could result in the loss of a toe, foot or part leg depending on how far it goes up the bone before the IV drugs start working. So far 5 weeks and not working very week. Starting to become a very worrying situation. 

    3. Jeffrey


      I'm sorry to hear that :/

  8. Does anyone happen to have Basic Points 1.2.0 for IPB v4.2 - Thank you!
  9. Points 1.0.4

    This actually looks quite cool. Has anyone used it yet? I think it would be cool to try on my board.
  10. Selected the .zip file and 'extract' go into the folder it extracts to and select all files and move them into your forum folder this overrides all the files then you to follow upgrade instructions.
  11. I am wanting to add a small icon next to a usergroup - like here at webflake - Would like to have a little icon next to the admin group and am not sure how to set this correctly. I tried a plugin but it didn't work correctly and I am only wanting to do this for one group. Help grateful. Thank you!
  12. I am using 4.2.8 and have done this and it removed the message on the Forum. Is there a way to remove it from showing within the ACP as well as this doesn't remove it in there it seems. Thanks
  13. IPB 4.2.9

    I was wondering if you are going to have a nulled version of 4.2.9 as I am not wanting to upgrade to 4.3 due to all the plugins and themes I use are not currently fully ready for 4.3 and will start breaking my site. Thanks