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  1. For me personally would have to be iOS. I never used to like Apple until the iPhone 6 came out and been with it ever since. I still don't like apple computers though just the phone.
  2. You do not pay month to month. It's a one time payment for account upgrades.
  3. Does this happen on all themes or is it just the one you are using? If you haven't tried it, try it on the default theme and see if you are still having the same problem.
  4. The mini games and best place to start is in the Off-topic Lounge.
  5. Thank you for letting us know. How the upgrades go according to plan.
  6. I had this issue also. I had to go back a version and it works fine there. I think it's a known bug. But you would think if it was known to IPS they would fix it quickly as a lot of people use the gallery, Hope it is sorted soon so we can upgrade to the latest.
  7. Added just for you @Cookie Monster
  8. Thanks for that, found it and working now.
  9. Would anyone have a copy of Staff Application System 1.1.2 please? The older version doesn't work in 4.3.2
  10. Is there a way to set an age restriction on the website - Example: If I only want people over the of 16 to register onto the site how can I set this? I am sure there is a way to do it I am just not sure how.
  11. What I am wanting to do is after a member registers on my site they are redirected to a page with a list of terms for the site. They have to agree to these terms before they are directed to the main forum page. How can I do this?
  12. Use the Menu in the ACP. Use it as a link and then type in what you want to call it. Then publish the menu.
  13. I feel like a total idiot right now. I was able to import the databases using the backup wizard and doing a database restore, just had to edit the database name within the files. So simple but I forgot about that option in cPanel. This can be closed now. Thanks.
  14. Where do I upload the database to to be able to do that?
  15. The wordpress is just under 2MB and the IPS is just under 20MB