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  1. The wordpress is just under 2MB and the IPS is just under 20MB
  2. I have moved to a different host and have full backup of all files and databases from my previous host. When I go to import the databases it keeps giving errors on creating tables and won't import then. I have changed the name of the databases within the file to meet the new host. I think this might have something to do with different MySQL version or something. The databases I am trying to import are for WordPress and IPS. Any help or advice on what I can do to get these to work would be very grateful. Thanks
  3. Login to your ACP -- General -- turn the site offline and then the edit box comes up, type in what you want it to show then save. All done.
  4. Download the latest nulled version here on WF, upload all files and override you current ones. Then go to and follow the instructions.
  5. This is not Inviion Virus. It’s WebFlake. Maybe you missed that
  6. This file will add the total posts / members / topics etc
  7. I have made the decision to steal all of @Cookie Monster's cookies. MmMmM my cookies!!! 

    1. Jeffrey


      To do that, you'd first have to find him :c

  8. I can help you with your upgrade if you want. I have helped a couple of people here who have had issues. If you want me to do it for you send me a Private Message and we can arrange it.
  9. Oblivion Light is what I am using.
  10. I am trying to remove the color picker from the top menu ... I have removed several things from the globaltemplate but that didn't work. I tried the following code and that didn't work either. Anyone have any other ideas? Thanks. .ipsfocus_backgroundPicker { display: none; }
  11. Whilst going through YouTube today and watching some of this years Britain's Got Talent auditions I came across this one. It starts of a little weird but this women has some amazing talent. It had my feet tapping away and the horse ... funny as. Hope you enjoy as much as I did.
  12. Welcome, well I should say welcome back to becoming active.
  13. @Davlin thank you for providing this deal for the community.
  14. Welcome to WebFlake. Enjoy your time here