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  1. Sorry as I don't know what country you are from and you are not telling for whatever reason I don't know what restrictions they use. Wish I could help further, but with such limited information I can't. I am sorry.
  2. RESOLVED - The issue was with the Language of the Board Settings. It was set to USA and not Australia. Once change everything went back to the way they should have for me over me, Thanks
  3. This is how it is showing in forum view for me: Also if I hover over certain dates it shows as mm/dd/year How can I change this to dd/mm/year as in Australia we do not use mm/dd
  4. PayPal is used just about everywhere that I know of. Have you looked into that? But it is a bit hard to answer this properly without knowing which country you are from so you can be helped better.
  5. Is there a way to change the time on the Forum into 12 Hour format instead of 24 Hour format please? If so where do I change this and how. Thanks
  6. I have no idea as it isn't a public release at the moment and haven't found a developer copy of it. Will let you know when I find out myself.
  7. Does anyone know when the next release of IPS is coming out? I believe it is 4.4. Also, what are you looking forward to most about this release when it is released. I believe there is a testing version of this out there already but I can't seem to find a copy anywhere to be able to test it on my localhost. If anyone happens to have a copy or knows where I can get it from would be grateful
  8. I am using the plugin Custom Date Format v1.1.1 from the downloads area and no matter what I do I can not get it to change to 12 hour format instead of 24 hour. The other settings I have changed have worked, but to get it to 12 hour won't work. This is what the code is as of right now: %e %h %Y, %R %P If anyone can help me get this to show in 12 hour format I would be VERY grateful. Thanks in advance.
  9. @S!r.ReaDy I don't have discord. But you can contact me at [email protected][dot]com
  10. I need some help with 2 things within Topic View. I will show the screenshot first then explain what I want to be able to do. 1. The Posted date inside the topic view itself (NOT under the main topic title) I want to remove completely. 2. The group title name I want to remove from the sidebar, but I want to keep the group team image there. Any help with these two things would be extremely grateful. Thanks
  11. Sorted. Had to go into the ibtheme.css and remove the following .cAuthorPane_info .cAuthorGroupIcon { display: none !important; } This brought the team icon up. Can mark this as solved now. Thanks
  12. I am using the Business One theme for 4.3.6 and I have uploaded the group team icons to the groups. They show in the ACP but are not showing in the topics. I have checked that the code is there to show it and it is, but the team icons are just not showing up. My site is: Thanks in advance for your help with this.
  13. @S!r.ReaDy Nope still doesn't work. And confirmed admin group is 4 Also can not add IP address for my Admins as they change all the time. So that really wouldn't work. Not sure what else to try with this. And I am logged into the Forum and try to access with the link to the ACP from there.
  14. If your account had been approved, and you have created a new adsense ad, it can take a little bit of time for a new ad to become active. They do not show straight away when you create a new ad. How long has it been since you created the ad and placed it onto your forum?
  15. Would anyone happen to have to updated version of the BIM43 Featured Content. I currently have version the old version which is still working, but would like to upgrade if anyone has a copy of this to share please. Thanks in advance.