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  1. I have several domains under the same business branding and I am looking for someone to create a professional logo design for the main website, which is, https://www.hydrawebservices.com - I am wanting this done is photoshop so I can also get a copy of the PSD file so the text itself can be edited. I am also wanting an image in the logo to along with what the site is about. Which is Web Design, Management and Hosting (new brand for the future - which is why need the PSD file too). Can discuss a price for the right design. TIA
  2. Thanks Tony, nope no issue with staff at all.
  3. Just wondering if there is a way to block a member from making contact with me in anyway TIA for any advise or help on this.
  4. Insomnia, pain and just over all not being able to sleep. Maybe getting older has something to do with also. Or the fact that I like streaming games in the middle of the night instead of through the day, then I don't get interrupted.
  5. Does the theme have a list of options within itself. I have noticed with some themes you need to update the information in theme settings and not in WordPress settings. What theme are you using so can take a better look at this.
  6. The only way to revert back to an older version is if you have a backup of all your files and database. If you do not have these really you can't go back to a previous version after upgrading.
  7. Well news came through on Friday that I am having a stint put into a heart vein on the 4th May. Not looking forward to heart surgery. But at least it will keep me alive. Now back to coding.

  8. Mine was only ever used on the nulled version and worked 100%. I have never and will never pay for a licence for IPS as they are too greedy and charge too much and then want you paying every 6 months for updates, too greedy IMO.
  9. Version v2.7.1


    * This version was updated on their website on the 6th June 2020 - AEDT * Direct link to the details and a Demo are at: https://themeforest.net/item/multinews-multipurpose-wordpress-newsmagazine/8103494
  10. All the best for the future James, hope to see you around WF from time to time. You will surly be missed as part of the WF Team. Thank you for everything you have done for the site and community overall.
  11. So he uses WF to download what he wants, as you showed over 300 files since being a member, but threatens legal action if his theme isn't taken down. A bit of a fool if you ask me. His using other peoples plugins/themes etc and because his theme is up his throwing a little boys temper tamptrum. Well done on not removing and thank you for the community you provide to us.
  12. 403 is a Permission Error. Check that all your permission are set correctly.
  13. The other way people buy things from the Marketplace on IPS is to find a Verified member on WebFlake and pay them to purchase it for you. A lot of people do this. The verified member is someone who has a current active licence.
  14. There is a tutorial in the IPS Tutorials section, but you need to look near the end of the post for the new code to work with 4.4. The code at the beginning of the post is for 4.3 and before and doesn't work with 4.4 for some reason.
  15. Do you have your file permissions set correctly and also do you have the right PHP version selected for IPS? Are you using a sub-domain or just a directory folder? A little further information will help us to help you with your problem.
  16. You can edit the members group directly through the ACP -- Members -- Select or Search for the Member and then Edit their Group.
  17. The theme is outdated for the version of IPS you are using. The error message is telling you exactly what the error is. Try to find an updated version of the theme.
  18. BlueAngelHost will apparently be increasing their pricing soon after speaking with them recently due to the industry-wide issue with cPanel and their major price hike. Not sure what they are increasing the pricing too though yet, they haven't mentioned an amount. Just the prices will be changing. They have already stopped selling Reseller Hosting as a result also.
  19. Select the After the first topic in each forum. Also are you only using the IPS Advertisements or have you installed a plugin to deal with ads also?
  20. I had this working fine, but when I changed my forum view from the default Table to Grid - Display forums as card in a grid view it no longer works. Just wondering if this part of the code ".ipsDataItem_title" would need to be something else? Hope we can fix this as i want to use the grid view and have the color titles as well. Thanks
  21. It scans attachments within my emails for virus, why wouldn't you want to have a feature like that? Unless you agree and like having virus' trojans etc sent to you via email.
  22. There are a lot of different forum software out there. Free, nulled and paid. You just need to look around and see what suits your needs the best. There is obviously IPS (which I find to be the best), phpBB, myBB, SMF, vbullietin, the list is just too many to go into.
  23. Most do use cPanel as it is a lot better then other admin panels out there. Plesk is really too limited and out dated IMO. I have used it once before and had a major dislike for it. For me it is cPanel all the way.
  24. This is also not the right place to ask for help. Post in IPS Support. This is for just General Chat about everything else apart from support.
  25. I don't see the point in using such an out dated version of IPS, using version 3 is just silly. There has been so many more features and security enhancements since version 3 days. And always make sure you are using the latest version. This will keep your community up to date and secure. Never use such out dated software.