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  1. also my friend in case you renamed your admin directory, upload the files and folders in the 4.3.0 admin installation folder to the directory in your server that you renamed. then use that upgrade path.
    successfully upgraded. NOTE: If you have changed your admin directory, upload the files and folders inside the admin installation folder to your renamed folder. If not you will get a session error. I am still trying to enable open_basedir.
  2. error 500 would mean a server issue. check your mod_rewrite. a new setting in 4.3 that isn't/wasn't in your previous installation could be causing it.
  3. you are just the guy (or girl)! a virtual coffee on me! thank you
  4. how does one arrange the topics based on the last posted topic? what i want is to arrange where the last posted topic is the newest topic not newest reply and i want it to be the default for everyone. i want to sort by start date and i want it to be the default option. see the screenshot. the topic is arranged based on who replied last. i don' want that. i want the latest/newest topic to be the first without mattering who replied last. arrange by start date default is what i want. please help where you can. thanks.
    Downloaded: Yes Working: Perfectly Version: 4.2 Thanks for this plugin. Something that IPS should consider putting as a permanent feature.
  5. just checked there as well. nothing
  6. ..... that I can make these settings permanent? i don't want members to edit. members who have signed up can change these in their account settings. but i want to disable that option for them permanently.
  7. There's a software on Softaculous for education. Can't remember what it's called .. Moodle or Mooney... it's an education thing. It might work for you.
  8. Guys, I've fallen in love with this theme. However it is dark. How can I make it light? palette changes are not helping. i'm not sure where to find it in the css. any help?? thanks.
    Very nice theme. I want to use it permanently since it features everything i need. But how, pray, do you change the navy blue background?? nothing is working. it's almost like it's permanent throughout all 5 styles available in the theme. highly appreciate any assistance.
    Currently using it. Excellent piece and working flawlessly with 4.2.8.
  9. Hello people. It's funny how this happens. I have spent the whole night trying to figure it out. But I couldn't. In the Settings => General Configuration, when I try to turn Site On/Off, it works fine. But when you put in code, any kind of code, then I get the error message. In Site Promotion => Analytics, same thing happens. I can't put in the tracking code because it gives me the above error message. But when I put in normal text, it works. I haven't tried the same with Settings => Terms & Privacy but I have normal text there so there has been no problem. My Site Settings PHP 7.2.3 and all other requirements fulfilled. .htaccess in root folder created by the software in Overview => Security Cache type is MySQL + APC as set in Settings = Advanced Configuration => Data Storage All security requirements fulfilled as in Overview => Security I have tried to be as detailed as possible. Sorry if I've come a little short. My conclusion is that it won't accept code. But my question is why? What could be the problem and how do I fix it? I'm I the only one who has come across this? Thanks in advance folks!
    This is a good one. I'm particularly pleased.