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    successfully upgraded. NOTE: If you have changed your admin directory, upload the files and folders inside the admin installation folder to your renamed folder. If not you will get a session error. I am still trying to enable open_basedir.
  1. you are just the guy (or girl)! a virtual coffee on me! thank you
  2. how does one arrange the topics based on the last posted topic? what i want is to arrange where the last posted topic is the newest topic not newest reply and i want it to be the default for everyone. i want to sort by start date and i want it to be the default option. see the screenshot. the topic is arranged based on who replied last. i don' want that. i want the latest/newest topic to be the first without mattering who replied last. arrange by start date default is what i want. please help where you can. thanks.
    Downloaded: Yes Working: Perfectly Version: 4.2 Thanks for this plugin. Something that IPS should consider putting as a permanent feature.
  3. just checked there as well. nothing
  4. ..... that I can make these settings permanent? i don't want members to edit. members who have signed up can change these in their account settings. but i want to disable that option for them permanently.
  5. There's a software on Softaculous for education. Can't remember what it's called .. Moodle or Mooney... it's an education thing. It might work for you.
    Very nice theme. I want to use it permanently since it features everything i need. But how, pray, do you change the navy blue background?? nothing is working. it's almost like it's permanent throughout all 5 styles available in the theme. highly appreciate any assistance.
    Currently using it. Excellent piece and working flawlessly with 4.2.8.
  6. Hello people. It's funny how this happens. I have spent the whole night trying to figure it out. But I couldn't. In the Settings => General Configuration, when I try to turn Site On/Off, it works fine. But when you put in code, any kind of code, then I get the error message. In Site Promotion => Analytics, same thing happens. I can't put in the tracking code because it gives me the above error message. But when I put in normal text, it works. I haven't tried the same with Settings => Terms & Privacy but I have normal text there so there has been no problem. My Site Settings PHP 7.2.3 and all other requirements fulfilled. .htaccess in root folder created by the software in Overview => Security Cache type is MySQL + APC as set in Settings = Advanced Configuration => Data Storage All security requirements fulfilled as in Overview => Security I have tried to be as detailed as possible. Sorry if I've come a little short. My conclusion is that it won't accept code. But my question is why? What could be the problem and how do I fix it? I'm I the only one who has come across this? Thanks in advance folks!
    This is a good one. I'm particularly pleased.
  7. So what is and where's my prize?