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  1. this is a tutorial section not an introduction forum section, please post the introduction in forum section "Member introductions"
    Thank you very much for this buddy i really appreciate your work here, Thanks
  2. yes change the "4s" to higher number and it will slow down in sense, higher the number > more slow it will be lower the number > more fast it will be
  3. this is a tutorial forum section here, please ask your questions here
  4. did you tried it? if you are getting any problems i am here and thanks for trying it
  5. well i forgot to add preview but its now inserted and thanks for optimizing the code, greatly appreciated your help and i also i will try to to make it more stable and will update it continuously
  6. In this tutorial i am gonna show you how to create a sparkbow, basically its a mixture of two effects viz Sparkling and rainbow > Sparkbow let's get started > first of all go to AdminCP and login then go to >Customization>Themes> like the images above, do the same thing > now go to global template which is shown by default so paste The below piece of code towards the bottom of the script. For example, you could place it just above where you see something relevant to <!-- ::: Footer ::: --> <script> var speed=80 var hex=new Array("00","14","28","3C","50","64","78","8C","A0","B4","C8","DC","F0") var r=1 var g=1 var b=1 var seq=1 function changetext(){ for(i=0;i<document.getElementsByName("Rainbow").length;i++){ var storetext=document.getElementById? document.getElementsByName("Rainbow")[i] : document.all.highlight rainbow="#"+hex[r]+hex[g]+hex[b] } } function change(){ if (seq==6){ b-- if (b==0) seq=1 } if (seq==5){ r++ if (r==12) seq=6 } if (seq==4){ g-- if (g==0) seq=5 } if (seq==3){ b++ if (b==12) seq=4 } if (seq==2){ r-- if (r==0) seq=3 } if (seq==1){ g++ if (g==12) seq=2 } changetext() } function starteffect(){ if (document.all||document.getElementById) flash=setInterval("change()",speed) } starteffect() </script> After you have inserted the code, within [edit html & css] go to CSS Tab and click on custom.css (if you are not able to find it, Search it!) now in custom.css paste the following code /* Membership Color Group /Color is in hex /change anything you want and suit your needs/ i have included only two groups here, you can incude as many as you want */ .Youranygroup { background: url(link to sparkle gif); color: #00fffa; font-weight: bold; text-shadow: 2px 0px 11px #00ffe5; } .Youranygroup { background: url(link to sparkle gif); color: #f93647; font-weight: bold; text-shadow: 2px 0px 11px #f93647; } Now, we will navigate from within the AdminCP to Members > Member Groups > Manage Member Groups > Click on the group you wish to have the sparkbow effect For the group prefix, you are going to enter the following code <span name="Rainbow" class="youranygroup"> As for the group suffix, you are going to enter </span> And you are done, now surf up the website and see that changes made//////// if you are still getting any problem..i am here to help you Conclusion
    it was already added in ips 4.2 section if i am right and @Isabel yes i have also ran so many tests although it was already in 4.2 section, its just the reupload if you are seeing and the webflake system also knows that i have downloaded this cuz i am able to write a review since i didn't downloaded from here. that makes me sense Still i wanna thanks you guys for this great plug-in
  7. that will be appreciated but i never seen this cuz i think i can create this
  8. lol its not any plugin and everyone wants it, that strange but the thing i have already done this but now i am not able to make it work but i am sure i can or anyone who can help me. if anyone didn't helped me, i need think of myself but that takes much time, the good thing is i have already pointed this out and just need to calibre it. this is really strange that everyone thinks its a plugin, you just need to install Enhanced user info panel plugin and make it their cuz their is an option to make but it doesn't shows how to make it work so we need to do it manually and i can say that i am very close to success
  9. well you just need to go to admincp>members>groups>click on guest group, since they are also called as visitors and see the below images to get proper demostartion their you can control everything about downloads of certain groups, if you any more questions just ask me
  10. i think he is not saying in body as i am seeing in image, he just need to do it in theme setting as it should be their
  11. well basically its the same as post ratio and topic ratio but somehow different atleast i m trying to do something like this as image below i need some help here > when i post something or create a topic the number doesn't moves cuz i don't have any idea how to do that we add the option as you are seeing but need to make it work i need this as if someone posts topic/threads he will get more count but if he is trying to leech/posts only the number will reduce or just be same or get little count i will be waiting for reply here
  12. its easy if you are curious! welcome to webflake, enjoy your stay
  13. lol too many answers to a simple question let's make it easy buddies phpBB Forums bbPress Forums Discourse Vanilla Forums Simple Machines Forums miniBB Forums YetAnotherForum IceBB Forums YaBB Forums MyBB DeluxeBB punBB FluxBB Phorum UseBB All of em are great open source forum software but if you want an opinion which one is great then MyBB and phpBB is best of em all