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  1. Oh, was't sure the plugin itself doesn't use some special add-on too. Am I lazy
  2. Greetings, I have an "issue" with my invoices and threads, I had to delete all my invoices due to organization, same with my threads, but it left this annoying issue with the "ID". I had around +60 invoices, which I deleted manually, but now each new invoice created will be continued from that id which is 60, same goes for threads. Is there a way to rebuild/fix that?
  3. Hey, I would like to request this plugin, very useful indeed to have a landing page. If anyone knows of an alternate method please let me know
  4. Could you possibly share a tutorial?
  5. I actually tried, not sure what to search for exactly, I tried to look it on Invision Community Market as well.
  6. What plugin does that exactly? Sort of custom blocks or something like that, where it could be either Positive, Warning, Informative blocks.
  7. Oh yes I am, but I am quite certain there isn't a feature that does what I mentioned above, unless I'm wrong EDIT: Why you look at that, seems like there was a setting in the groups category, I finally fixed it.. Thanks for the heads up by the way!
  8. Hey, I'm not sure if this has been asked or if it's even in the correct section, but I am interested in a way for my Discord server or a bot to check a user role on the website and apply it on the server, so if the users invoice ended and he is returned to his old role it will be applied automatically on Discord.
  9. Kalas

    Site Font

    Hey, Sorry if this section is not the right spot to ask this, but I was just wondering what font is the site using, it's very modern and nice to the eye, I'm interested in using this on my own projects on visual studio.
  10. I would LOVE to request this Theme, it has so many features included, hope someone out there feels the same
  11. Hey, would love to see this plugin updated
  12. Kalas

    Site Issue

    Yes, sorry for the delay! Thanks for the replies anyways.
  13. Kalas

    Site Issue

    I actually downloaded the very latest and re-working everything and using latest plugins to make sure no errors will occur again.
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