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  1. Hey, would love to see this plugin updated
  2. Kalas

    IPS 4.4 Site Issue

    Yes, sorry for the delay! Thanks for the replies anyways.
  3. Kalas

    IPS 4.4 Site Issue

    I actually downloaded the very latest and re-working everything and using latest plugins to make sure no errors will occur again.
  4. Kalas

    IPS 4.4 Site Issue

    Oh I see, hopefully I'll be able to via File Manager.
  5. This is the issue I get when accessing my site, even AdminCP. Image
  6. I am getting this while posting Emojies the Chatbox+.
  7. Kalas

    Guest avatar

    I'm not sure why this happening
  8. It doesn't seem to work for me with fas fa-crown for example. <i class="fas fa-crown" style="color: red;"></i> <span style='color: red'> Administrator</span>
  9. Kalas

    Glowing Group

    Hey, Tried looking around on Google how to make my username/group glow, anyone could direct me to a plugin or some good guide?
  10. Kalas

    Member Color

    Hey, My Group is Admin which is Red, but also my username, I would like to change that.
  11. Kalas


    Awesome thanks a lot!
  12. Kalas


    Will it work on 4.4 even if it's for 4.3?
  13. Kalas


    Hey, So I'm looking for a plugin that will basically do this for me:
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