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  1. I always try to keep my WordPress installations up to date.
  2. Another example of extreme hate resulting in the death of innocent people.
  3. Definitely iOS. I’ve tried android briefly and switched back.
  4. Good one. It always has the same outcome.
  5. Hello, I'm pulling content from my forum to my website and can't for the life of me find where the prefix titles are stored. Every table I've found has the id but not the actual name of the prefix! Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  6. Nicole

    What get's you mad?

    This too! Don’t pull others down!
  7. I have a cat and a hedgehog.
  8. Nicole

    What get's you mad?

    Ignorance and lack of work ethic get me mad. Is it so hard to educate yourself and pull your own weight at the work place?
  9. Nicole

    IOS or Android?

    I've used both IOS and Android and always end up going back to IOS. IOS.
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