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  1. Hello, I was wondering if there was a way to get groups to show on moblie version on the postbit like it shows on the desktop version? On moblie it only states a persons display name, nothing else and my site is a gaming community and we have CoC and ranks but i cant get them to show up on moblie view, it works perfectly fine on desktop.
  2. @Salazar @Cookie Monster i like this very much, is there anyway to remove the message option on it?
  3. IPS i cant upload wordpress, ive tried installing it but it wont work
  4. im looking for a system on the site where staff can submit a attendance report for members who attend/excused/AWOL practices , like a drop down memu staff can select what team to submit attendance for then select the day, then that loads up to a table with the selected group memebers and then staff can select between attened/excused or awol then submit it,then it calculates how many points a member has and shows it on the table and shows how many ponits on the member profile. if that makes sence. I would like it to be done through our website not from an outside source