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  1. Hello this is what im talking about
  2. Hello i was wondering if you guys could help me with something. On the post bit i have icons for the groups but the primary group is showing twice as picture icon and plain text, is there anyway to remove the plan text one so it just shows my icons?
  3. @Cookie Monster hello ive tried all the code but its changed the placing and everything don't fit in the members box ive tried centring it but its not working fixed it
  4. @Salazar @Cookie Monster i like this very much, is there anyway to remove the message option on it?
  5. IPS i cant upload wordpress, ive tried installing it but it wont work
  6. im looking for a system on the site where staff can submit a attendance report for members who attend/excused/AWOL practices , like a drop down memu staff can select what team to submit attendance for then select the day, then that loads up to a table with the selected group memebers and then staff can select between attened/excused or awol then submit it,then it calculates how many points a member has and shows it on the table and shows how many ponits on the member profile. if that makes sence. I would like it to be done through our website not from an outside source