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  1. @Jeffrey Hi there Are you interested in converting a nulled forum to a full license forum.. I'm looking at a fresh install of the IPS software but I need to keep my members and posts and blog plus clubs in the database and uploads but everything else can be cleared out. If so could you please message me Thanks
  2. Hi I'm upgrading to 4.3.6 and i found a file i've never seen before and I wondered what it is and what its for.
  3. I've had a forum up and running from the 2nd of September and its hitting over 30GB ... You have to ask your self is it worth it going for a lower package just to move it later on..
  4. Version 1.0.0


    About This File This mod is intended to use cookies to limit the number of times that your guests can view threads your forum. After that limit has been reached, they will get an error message informing them of that fact. The limit will be for a day, after which it will expire and it will be repeated again after the number of view limit has been reached again. You can set the limit from the plugin 's setting, enter your own custom message, select the forum(s), if any, that you would like to exclude and as last but not least, you can exclude spiders too from the limit. All settings are explained in detail below. Guests View Limit. This setting holds the number of views that you want to limit your guests to view topics your forum. After the number of views has been reached, guests will not be able to view your forum anymore. They will have to either register a new account or log in. Leave 0 to disable this option. Error Message. This setting holds the error message that will be displayed to guests after the number of views that they are allowed to view topics has been reached. Excluded Forums. Select the forum(s) that you want to exclude from the view limit. What about search bots? An option to exclude spiders from the view limit is available . However, excluding spiders from this setting may be considered cloacking from the search engines. Use it at your own risk.

  5. I don't have any problems at all in IPS loading times... I do use VPS for two forums and one shared.. which has a few issues which is only down to the server and not the software.
  6. This is a great theme, I have installed it on two forums and its very easy to customise HERE'S THE DOWNLOAD
  7. Im looking for someone to create a app for my forum which is IPS. I would say more of a browser with some functions..
  8. Yes a forum is a forum and a website is a website.. I would think the OP would need to supply more info on the matter first then he may get a few better answers.
  9. You would also need to take this into consideration, which you will not have control over with shared or free hosting.. Dangerous PHP Functions Enabled We recommend disabling the following functions on your server, or at least in the directory that your community is installed in. If you do not manage your server yourself, your hosting provider will be able to assist with this. exec, system, pcntl_exec, popen, proc_open, shell_exec
  10. I guess i'll not be the last one to post here
    Great it does what it says on the tin...
  11. Why did you do that..? lol