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  1. @titcrunch Ty very much for suggestion, MYBB is the best solution very small size installation ,database and super fast. I really love this forum.
  2. I intent to create Tutorial for my Application explain how to use it and at the same time I need section to let users report error and another section to announce users about my App news.. I started with WP but I stopped after about one week because I didn't like appearance . After that I tried "IPS" and it has very fantastic themes and users can reply easily , but it's painful to use IPS with free hosting because I have to do a lot of steps to backup database and most of my account's has been suspended , so I have to start over again
  3. Actually I contacted with infinity stuff and they told me that the chat script who is the reason of suspend : I have checked your account and it looks like you are hosting a chat script on it. Most basic chat scripts work by constantly refreshing the page in the background to ask for new messages. All these refreshes causes such scripts to generate a very high server load, more than we can provide for free. Because of that, chat scripts are not allowed on our hosting which means I cannot reactivate your account. Kind regards, InfinityFree But Really thanks @STAR for these bunch of free sites I couldn't believe that there is host give me .tk for free This link doesn't work:
  4. Firstly , thanks for response. I was using this : my suspended site: I also tried: and about my posted things, I only uploaded my Application which called "AutoQuHoursRegister" and some videos tutorials about how to use it
  5. After some days of creating my first IPS Community I surprised to see my forum suspended because of abuse complaint Is there is any "free" ftp that I can upload my forum to it without get banned ?