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  1. Thank you so much. I was using the default theme. The theme structure may be outdated after the updates. The issue was resolved by creating and using a new theme.
  2. Other issues have been resolved. The cause of the problem was some "iframe" code. But the "CKEditor" problem persists. When I want to give color to the text, the pop-up is closed when the mouse is hovered. Font size is also problematic. I couldn't find the clear cache partition in the admin panel. I tried in different browsers. The problem persists. I am using the current version of the forum. (4.6.6)
  3. Please can you help urgently? Why might these problems be caused?
  4. Hello. Error 1 When selecting topics in the forum "when I want to take bulk action on topics", the action menu that should be opened at the bottom of the page does not appear. (Refreshing the page multiple times fixes it. It happens very often.) Error 2 While the subject is opened, the size tab and color tabs in the text editor do not open and do not take any action. Error 3 The pop-up tab that appears without changing the page with the login tab does not come. Error 4 On the "Open a new topic" page, all of the text filling fields are loaded incorrectly
  5. Sadece bir forum için, konu açabilme şartı olarak diğer forumların içerisinde 2 veya 5 konu sahibi olma şartı getirilebilir mi?