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  1. IPS 4.2 Swiper Sliders vanishing

    Uninstalled, went to my applications folder and deleted it off server and reinstalled. Still proceeds to remove it self after a bit, always random times. I've timed it, and it's been between 3 minutes and 10 minutes. I have recently installed cloudflare on my website, would this be causing some issues?
  2. IPS 4.2 Swiper Sliders vanishing

    I have recently switched to a SSL cert, would the change from http to https be the cause for this? If so, how would I fix it?
  3. IPS 4.2 Swiper Sliders vanishing

    Hey I am using this application: Though ince I make a slider, it eventually gets deleted and no longer shows on my website. I havent timed how long it takea before it vanishes, but its usually after a hour or so. Along with this, when I go to edit a slide sometimes the editor stays as a white box where I cant type anything in, instead it asks me to "insert other media". Rather confusing 🤔
  4. IPS 4.2 Ricently Browsing posts ? On webflake?

    Go to a thread, any one, then go to your blocks. Open up System, it should be the first one there: Drag and drop that block to wherever you'd like it (in this case in Webflake they dragged it to the bottom) and save. This will populate that widget on every thread created.
  5. IPS 4.2 Can't embed picture link, gets error

    Alright cool, found the admin cp https thing. About switching all my url, how would I do this?
  6. IPS 4.2 How to hide "Your license renewal has expired."

    Mine has no dates in it, if I open my legit server's license_data, I can see that inside looks different. I see the date you reference, along with no nulls throughout the strings.
  7. IPS 4.2 Can't embed picture link, gets error

    "you need change the url of your all forum that all same if you change domaine " I did not change the domain, just added SSL to my current domain. I can not find Parameter in my System area either, this is what I see:
  8. Is it possible to hide this notification -> from admins who use the cp? I know that clicking the x hides it, but I just don't want it to show up at all in general. Thanks.
  9. Hello, I am trying to paste a link to an image into a post, which used to by default auto embed the picture into the post. Now, I am getting this error: It started to happen AFTER I installed SSL, I think this may be the problem but not sure where to fix. I used ZeroSSL to install my SSL certificate. Along with this, I can not log into my admin panel, when I click login it just refreshes the page... nothing happens. I remove the .htaccess and I can login to the admin panel like normal. Though, I still can not embed links. The code in my htacess is: RewriteEngine On RewriteCond %{HTTPS} off RewriteRule ^(.*)$ https://%{HTTP_HOST}%{REQUEST_URI} [L,R=301]
  10. I dont need it, but willing to do the purchase for you again if you need it.
  11. IPS 4.2 Change domain without data loss

    Theme images should have transfered with the files in the root directory. Did you reselect your theme as the default on the new domains adminCP?
  12. IPS 4.2 Change domain without data loss

    First go to phpMyAdmin and backup your database. Also back up all your files in the root folder. Then, in your new domain, create a database and upload the database you backed up. Dump your IPS folders you backed up into your new domains root folder. Open up the conf_global inside your new root folder. Edit this file so your new database information is inside, and make sure to change the url at the bottom to your new domain. Click save and refresh your new domain.
  13. Purchase a plugin from the Marketplace

    Request finished. Emailed the application to Isabel. This thread is OK to move to finished requests.
  14. Purchase a plugin from the Marketplace

    Hello. I can do this for you. You can pay me via paypal and Ill send the files. DM me.
  15. Plugin Link: https://invisioncommunity.com/files/file/8741-dp42-single-use-license-keys/ Hey, I was curious if there are any developers currently looking into this Plugin and would like to purchase it? I have access to the marketplace right now and am willing to go halves with someone on this Plugin. Give me a shout. If there are more than 2 of us wanting it, we can all split it multiple ways to get the price down even further.