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  1. Welcome back! I look forward to seeing you active within the community! Also don't forget there is a Discord server! :D
  2. Hey, I am looking for someone to help me get some custom CSS/HTML done on the category/subcategory/product icons. I was hoping to achieve a hover over and a "view _____" button appears that would link to where ever that button should link to. (a category, sub category, product, etc) IPS 4.3.0 I was looking to spend around $10-15 for this project.
  3. okay I contacted IPS support directly to get this figured out. Apparently I can set it up so those rank benefits work, the way you said - Make it so its 0 day grace, and 1 day renewal. The only problem is, even with that "The customer cant make renewals" button clicked off, it makes it so at the end of the product's time, the user can manually click renew to renew the product which is not what I want- I want it so they are forced to buy a new product, as they need to be sent a brand new key. My problem of it making it longer than 1 day even with 0 day renewal is I set the price to $0 for testing purposes. Once I set it to $10, and made it a manual payment for testing, it worked. Showed product expiry of 1 day. According to IPS this must be done via 3rd party software, so I need to look for a dev.
  4. my general settings for invision has no grace settings, as well as that, in my store "settings" tab, there is no settings for grace under and of the 3 tabs.
  5. If you look at the picture I posted above I had set the grace period to 0 days, is this the one youre talking about? I cant find any other "grace period" setting
  6. Okay, so I have it set to 1 day expiry with no grace period, so after 24 hours the "package" expires: But I see in my profile of the purchased product a whole 6 extra days:
  7. I see, the last step allows it so the customer is forced to make a new invoice/order once the time is up so they get a brand new product, perfect for what I need ad I am using Single Use Lisence Keys to sell keys that expire every 24 hours thus needing them to make a new purchsse to get a new key. Ill try this out and let you know if it works, if it does Ill mark your answer as the correct one. Cheers-
  8. Hello, I have set up a commerce shop and am selling items, in which I wish to expire every 24 hours, that way the user gets moved to a group for those 24 hours then back to whichever group they were before. I see they have the group change functions, but I don't see anywhere I can set the amount of time before the item expires. Where would I find this feature?
  9. Go to a thread, any one, then go to your blocks. Open up System, it should be the first one there: Drag and drop that block to wherever you'd like it (in this case in Webflake they dragged it to the bottom) and save. This will populate that widget on every thread created.
  10. Alright cool, found the admin cp https thing. About switching all my url, how would I do this?
  11. "you need change the url of your all forum that all same if you change domaine " I did not change the domain, just added SSL to my current domain. I can not find Parameter in my System area either, this is what I see:
  12. Hello, I am trying to paste a link to an image into a post, which used to by default auto embed the picture into the post. Now, I am getting this error: It started to happen AFTER I installed SSL, I think this may be the problem but not sure where to fix. I used ZeroSSL to install my SSL certificate. Along with this, I can not log into my admin panel, when I click login it just refreshes the page... nothing happens. I remove the .htaccess and I can login to the admin panel like normal. Though, I still can not embed links. The code in my htacess is: RewriteEngine On RewriteCond %{HTTPS} off RewriteRule ^(.*)$ https://%{HTTP_HOST}%{REQUEST_URI} [L,R=301]
  13. I dont need it, but willing to do the purchase for you again if you need it.
  14. Hey. I am wondering if there is a way to set the permissions up for this plugin so it only shows specific user's/groups status updates? Im not talking about the "search" feature, where you can reduce the resules manually after to the specific user but so it ALWAYS only shows those user's status updates only for every user?
  15. Yup, pretty much it. Thought this would be a feature included with commerce for how much you pay for the commerce application lol. Thanks!