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    Sorry, you do not have permission for that! 2C133/4 The application you are attempting to install appears to be installed already. To reinstall the application you must first uninstall it.
  1. Reinstalled members shop now it's all good. Topic can be closed/removed.
  2. Hi everyone, So I have installed members shop 1.0.8, i'm running ips 4.3.3, i have added a product in store and selected "Members Shop - Points to give x" but after I save the product the value just disappears. Any idea why? Thanks.
  3. What is the easiest way to change it on the menu and on the index page? Thanks
  4. I'm trying to get this refferal system to work on my site, i tested it but invited members (via refferal link) are in "pending" status, and I can approve it in the admin panel -> refferal system -> logs, but how can i make it automatic? Thanks in advance. EDIT: it looks like it only works when the reffered user has at least one post which is good enough for me.
  5. I don't know if you are interested in accepting Bitcoins on your community, but I do and I think the best solution would be to find a way to create a gateway with myceliumgear, because it doesn't charge you at all, they are not a middleman, it is only a service that watches the blockchain. The purpose of accepting payments on my site is only to reward members with points (using members shop). What do you think is it a good idea?
  6. Yeah I suppose it should work for other addons by devfuse too. cheers!
  7. so with this code can i get rid of the annoying update message displayed for admins in the header? man thanks for that.
  8. that's okay I have solved the problem by allowing registrations from @fake.onion only. Nobody will ever be able to generate a 4 letter onion address, so it should be safe.
  9. My site is based on clubs, it would be cool to have custom tags so we could use the search bar to find clubs easily. Anyone knows a plugin that could possibly allow me to do so?
  10. Hi, I need a solution to stop my users from giving me their e-mail address. Hide the e-mail address field and generate a fake one (prefferably from username) if possible. Thanks