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  1. show me some UK rapper worthy to listen to.
  2. Thanks but i don't think that's a quick fix future ip addresses would be still saved in the database.
  3. What if I want to create a site, that favors user privacy? Is it possible to turn off the IP address logging? Or even change it to to everyone like I was hosting a site on Tor? Cheers!
  4. The current version on Webflake is 1.0.8 , can we have 1.1.2, please? @Tommy5finger , do you have it? cheers. also I would pay for this addon once we have the latest version of member shop. (otherwise there is no point for that)
  5. It should be in the directory /etc/php/php(version)/ You need a root ssh access but...
  6. It's only 15 USD. I'm willing to pay for it via paypal. Then you can upload it to webflake and take all the credit. Thanks.
  7. Light theme for sure. makes people to trust your site more. (it's my theory anyway.)
  8. So you are about to start a new forum. You have no users. And it's hard to get users without making it look like an engaging site. Would you fake some members? Posts? Or maybe just close the forum for guests making it look like a super secret forum? What would you do?
  9. antarsis

    Apache vs Nginx

    Apache, because I don't know much about nginx how to rewrite urls etc..
  10. You would need to modify your php.ini file and add this line. disable_functions = "exec, system, popen, proc_open, shell_exec"
  11. I've never had this issue, but my quess is that it has something to do with cache or the server performance itself.
  12. Do other users have this problem or just you?
  13. phpbb,smf,mybb but if you use wordpress (as your profile suggests) you can go for bbpress
  14. I do, but I find killing random players more entartaning. I don't play much tough, maybe once or twice a week.