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  1. I think it's a new thing in ips 4.5, but the documentation doesn't tell me what it does. I know the definition of webhooks in general, but I don't know how it could benefit me, yet. Does anyone have an example? I run a webshop using IPS 4.5. https://invisioncommunity.com/developers/rest-api?endpoint=core/webhooks/POSTindex
  2. That did not do any good, all the font awesome icons are missing too.
  3. Changed the url in the config file, but a white page comes up something as I browse trough the site, saying file not found. After refreshing the page it's fine. I thought it could be some caching issue, but catching is off, also deleted the contents of the datastore folder. Any idea why? I'm using Apache on VirtualMin
  4. Is there an official torrent plugin or app for IPS?
  5. Might be a silly question, but is there an RSS feed for files? To be precise RSS feed for the NULLED IPS 4? If so I'd like to get a task in Todoist to upgrade my sites whenever a new version is relased on WebFlake. Thanks.
  6. There is nicevps.net, I have bought multiple domain names from them, and rented 2 shared web hostings for a month, that I have just stopped using, because they were nginx and wanted apache (my bad should have read everything). The customer support however was really friendly, if I was to get another offshore VPS server again I would go there first.. ahhw, by the way, they have a Tor web address too, and accept Monero. DMCA can suck it.
  7. antarsis

    ios 13 beta

    Is there anyone here running ios 13 beta version? If so what are your favourite features? I like the dark mode, but the main reason I got the beta version is because I was excited to see some new features of the Siri Shortcuts. It will be more interesting when automations will actually work.
  8. Parrot is a nice Debian based linux os similar to Kali.
  9. IFTTT is a powerful service that lets you connect your smart devices together. I'm fairly new in this home automation thing, but I'm always open to some ideas to make my life a little bit more comfortable. Now I share with you how I turned an 8 GBP smart color changing light bulb into a Apple Homekit kind of thing. (it's not compatible with Homekit, but now it does the same thing for a lot less money) Using IFTTT webhooks to turn my light on/off , change to some preset color and brigthness in %. I have Siri Shortcuts to visit each IFTTT URL that triggers each action. What else.. I'm one of those guys who experience difficulties to wake up early for work. So in Siri Shortcuts I have 4 different alarms, and it visits a cron job website , logs in using HTTP post request, then it goes to that certain cron job settings which is also a simple HTML form, I could easily find variables by using Tamper Data, and I have Siri Shortcuts, to fill out that form and save it. Now whenever I tell Siri that I'm working tomorrow it will automaticly turn on the lights with the last alarm, lessen the chance to fall back to sleep. And whenever I tell Siri , that I'm not working tomorrow it disables the cron job. It wasn't easy to find a simple free cron job website that doesn't use much javascript, but https://cron-job.org/en/ is perfect for that. And I know that IFTTT supports time schedules, that could turn on my lights at a certain time, but now the point was whatever if I'm working tomorrow or not. What are your some IFTTT setups? Let me know.
  10. This question is for iphone or other ios device owners. I used to be one of those guys who didn't want to pay for something that I can always just download for free. Since I plugged my iphone into my car and realized my car supports carplay, it made me to subscribe to Apple Music. It just feels so cool that while I'm driving I press a button on my steering wheel and tell Siri what I want her to play. When I do that she would find the song from Apple Music , I'm not sure if it works with spotify, too, I would probably need a Siri shortcut and say something like "play Eminem on Spotify". Should I spend some time to figure out how to use Spotify with Siri and just pay for them instead? I still have 3 months free trial with Apple Music that I really enjoy. I will probably need more than 2GB of data per month. But that's fine.
  11. There is one good thing about it for sure: We will always have the latest version of Member Shop app, since WebFlake uses it. Cool. :) Maybe you should add some point packages that could be purcashed for bitcoins. (coinpayments gateway) And if you do it please share that gateway with us. :)
  12. Cloudflare doesn't just give you a free SSL. It also adds an extra layer of protection againts DDOS attacks as it hides your real server's IP address.
  13. If we are talking about a general website my choice would probably be joomla. Forum? IPS for sure. Well.. IPS is getting a lot better nowadays, you could make almost anything out of it and it's so beautiful and modern looking. For example I have made someone an online store for clothes I was thinking about magento, but then I realized it's much easier to use IPS.
  14. IPS the best CMS ever. I used to be joomla fan, but now I would use IPS for any kind of website I start.
  15. No, not yet. I scan my computer with the free version of malwarebytes. I don't really need any extra live protection apart from the one that is built in windows anyway.
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